For us coconut nuts ....

tropicbreezentSeptember 3, 2012

On holidays still (great feeling!) and managed a 5 day trekking trip on Hinchinbrook Island. Only got back the other day but thought a few of these photos might be interesting to "coconut nuts".

Coconuts are a bit of a funny issue in this region. Some people believe they don't belong whilst others say they were naturally spreading through the area long before the coming of Europeans to the region. Amongst those who belong to the "don't-belong" camp are the national parks people. So every now and then they go out along the coastal islands with chainsaws and "right" what they see as wrong.

Because the area involved is immense, and coconuts are always drifting out from non-national park areas, there's still a lot of them around on the islands. Last year there was a massive cyclone (Yasi) a lot of coconuts got washed further inland into the thick coastal jungles where it's more difficult to get into with a chainsaw.

This is Ramsay Bay where quite a lot of coconuts were over looked by the parks people (perhaps too busy cleaning up after the cyclone).

The first day of the trek the weather was great, the scene from Nina Bay across to Mt Bowen.

Overnight is poured rain, the same view in the morning.

That night I'd put my tent amongst the coconuts, but not where the nuts could fall.

Looking from the beach it seemed quite snug (tent looks blue).

Some more at Zoe Bay.

Southern end of the island, back of the shoreline, lots of nuts were sprouting. Apart from the danger from park rangers armed with chainsaws, there were feral pigs which sometimes dug out the sprouting nuts, and also large native rodents that chew into the nuts killing them. But lots still survive.

Hope you've enjoyed your 'fix' of coconuts.

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Never heard of that island. Where is it? I've been to some islands where coconuts are considered invasive too.

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Down under mate!

Thanks for sharing your pics!

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It's off the north east coast of Queensland, between the coast and the Great Barrier Reef. Covers an area of 39.3 square kilometres, about 37.4 kilometres long. There was a small resort on the north of the island but it was destroyed by the cyclone and doesn't look like being rebuilt.

The view from Nina Peak northwards along the narrow part of the island.

Here is a link that might be useful: A link about the island

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

there has been a long standing debate about the coconut in florida along with the roystonea, (Royals) Unfortuneately none of the early explorers were interested in plants nor gave the slighest hint of plant material besides how could you eliminate being planted by native americans?? There seems to be no place within the tropics without coconuts lol They were obviously moved throughout the pacific by indiginous peoples but the atlantic range is MUCH more myterious lol

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Seems amazing that someone would cut down such beautiful trees just because they aren't indigenous. That's one invasive I wouldn't mind having around.

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Some "conservationists" can be rather fanatical. To them only indigenous is acceptable.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

just check out the numbers of invasive plants and animals in florida. Easy to see why there is a trend to
being a "fanatic!!" lol Why would you setup a park supposedly for "conservation" and allow it to fill with imports?? That's what bo gdns and zoos are for??
They have changed to planting natives on the endless expansion of highways Shouldn't the pupose of parks be to maintain that which is natural?? "Americas greatest idea" seems to be in serious danger of turing into roadside zoos?? gary

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Gary, I understand what you mean. Both Florida and Hawaii have the reputation of being the most "weed" infestated places in the world, a combination of slack law enforcement and a large number of people who are prepared to flaunt quarantine regulations. Here the quarantine people are often referred to as the "Plant Nazis", but they're doing their job.

Well, it was a great holiday/trip, but it's nice to be back and see the sunrise at home.

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Australian agriculture inspection was the worst I've ever encountered in my Air Force flying career. On a two week trip around the Pacific, it's common for air crews to carry a large cooler full of provisions for lunches, snacks, drinks. We were to spend two nights outside of Sydney and weren't even planning on taking food off the plane. The Ag inspectors of course took all the fruits and vega, but they even attempted to confiscate canned goods, packaged crackers and even Cuppa noodles! We pleaded with them to leave those for our journey home and promised not to take them off the plane. Tough.

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Wetsuiter, maybe they were just hungry and saw all your food there ready for taking, LOL.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Great pics!

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