Is it scale or new growth?

eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)June 6, 2010

I adopted my 1st plumeria from a gf's mom last fall; was told to let it dry out; the leaves slowly dropped off and I paid little attention to it...until spring (warmer than usual for us Vermonters! I watered it, put it outside where it receives sun from mid morning to late afternoon. I began reading the posts here on Friday (sent one in but alas sent it as a "reply" to someone else's so not sure if it was responded to! However, I've learned so much in the past 2 days of reading! I now know for sure that I have an "inflo" on one of the 2 branches!...and tiny clawlike growths on the other with new leaves beginning to take shape. The branch in question (with the inflo) is 19" from the base (somewhat curved) and almost halfway up the branch (stem)are 2 very tiny "growths" is made of 3 close together teeny tiny protuberances..the other growth consists of only 1. They are no bigger than the head of a small straight pin. They are very hard, and somewhat "flexible" enough to be snapped off, and light tan color..the same color as the spots where leaves used to grow from? Very hard. I read something about scale the other day and reread soooo many postings this morning..couldn't find it. I'm not sure if something..other branches...are beginning to sprout or..if it is "scale" and should be scraped off. There is no evidence of anything similar or any pests anywhere else. I am so impressed with everyone's sharing of info and I can say I may be about to adopt a second "plumie" from the same person (apparently she had 3 and they have never bloomed for her) gf took 1...I may be getting the last and I am very excited. I know I am already hooked! I started out the same way with Mother's Day gift 2 years ago...I now have 6 'chids!... Also does anyone think my plumie will have enough time in Vermont to actually completely blossom? My house is cool in the winter but all my plants are in front of south/west facing windows. I appreciate any help...and thanks for so much wonderful info (and the pix)!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I would guess (without pictures) that you may have new branches starting. If they change in size they are probably not scale. Scale is fairly rare in plumerias and a few do not do much damage so you can wait and watch for signs of little claws coming from the tops. The claws are leaves for the new branches. I only have a fair picture.

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Thank you!...The picture you sent gives me hope they are new growth!...they are so incredibly small, it's hard to picture that they'll be new growth and they are much further down from the top of the stem than are the ones in your picture; probably about halfway (9 or 10" down from the top where the developing inflo is growing; a few tiny "claws" growing under the inflo. These teeny "nibs" are pretty much below the marks of where the old orig. leaves grew from! Thanks for your help!

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dpolson37(7a VA)

Not sure if this picture will help, but I thought I'd post it to show where you might be a few weeks down the road. I just re-potted a few of these and the roots were very small even though the leaves were there. Surprised me and I'm hoping that I didn't disturb the rooting process to much. The white roots are definitely fragile and just filling in the pot with soil can break them even if you are careful. I'd describe the new roots as looking like bean sprouts. Happy rooting.
From Garden 2010

From Garden 2010

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Interesting remarks Dpolson37...I just bought 2 new rooted Plumeria (Madeline & Nebels) from Lowe's a week or so ago and when I transplanted them I was very concerned because some of the white roots broke off in the process and I wasn't sure if I killed the entire plant, or if I should do anything special to care for them while they fix themselves..?

I put them in cactus mix as I live in a very, very, VERY dry area of Arizona, west of Phoenix. It's 7:10pm and it's still 100 degrees...Not sure if I should be giving them extra water, or abiding by the once a week rule?

Both plants look pretty good on the north facing patio with morning sun/afternoon shade, but the trunks are a tad bit "wrinkled"...Is that normal, or indicative of dire need before they die on me?

I'm hoping the plants' behavior sounds normal to the experts out there... Thoughts? Ideas?

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