Wooden Tree Boxes

orchiddude(+7b ALabama)September 16, 2012


I was reading some older palm tree topics of people looking for tree boxes and it got me to looking on the net. I have been thinking of moving into this direction as it is getting hard to find larger size pots i.e. over 30 gallons. I have found a few 35 and 45 gallons pots but the shipping is costly.

I have seen the wooden pots being used on many of the palm tree sites so that got me to thinking. Could I make my own? Yes is the answer, but in looking at the box design, they are using some type of metal strapping. Not sure where I could get this done or if there is something you buy to do it.

Anyway, if you are looking for wooden or plastic boxes, I found a few sites that might help. These are on the west coast, I think. I would be interested in any info on the east coast. Surely there are box makers in Florida. If you know of anything please post here and maybe we can create a reference list.




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I have a lot of old Sunset books around and one or two of them has instructions on how to make your own. Keep in mind that these will work better on the dry California coast. Using Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, or Fir is obligatory.

Seeing as you like Tiki, if you make your own grab a router and carve some Polynesian designs onto the sides.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

I was thinking of making some out of cedar boards that are used for fencing. I have some cedar wooden boxes that I use to cover up the pots. By making the wooden boxes this might give a whole new element and look to the place. Plus I need some bigger ones anyway. If this works, I will be free and limitless to what I can grow.

I found a strapping tool and that looks easy to do. Maybe I start a wooden box business on the east coast...lol

I remember not many years ago, it was hard to find anything like this.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

I found this site, I think its over seas. Looks interesting if you need a HUGE pot.


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