Peppers narrow at base of stalk and die

genevabenMay 10, 2012

I live in central florda and have cayenne, jalapeno, bell and banna peppers planted in a raised garden bed. Plants were started as seeds. Some of them have started narrowing at the base of the stalk near where the stalk comes out of the soil. Once this starts, the plant falls over and the leaves shrivle and die.....any ideas? thanks!

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How old / big are they? If still seedlings, sounds like damping off.

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That's most likely damp off caused by fungi and soil that is too wet. Make sure your soil is well drained, and don't over water.

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thanks for the help, BTW the plants are about 6 weeks old and 12 to 18 inch raised beds have a lot of peat in them and retain water really well---will back off on the watering and maybe next year have a bed for peppers only with less peat??? thanks

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Peat is very water retensive. That explains it.

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It is 99% damping off fungus and as stated, over watering, by you or mother nature is the culprit.

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One option is to add lots of bark to your raised bed to improve drainage. This will make your watering less critical. May need to add lime though as this would be an acidic mix.

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