First time poster here!

DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)May 24, 2012

Hey Y'all,

I've been lurking on the forum for a while now, soaking up as much information as I can and I figured it was time to introduce myself.

My name is PJ, I live down in Miami...I know, I know....poor me, right? LOL. I would say that this is my first year being serious about growing and fully dedicated to my garden, although I've tinkered for a number of years with no real direction or measurable success. I got started over on the Container Forum, where I learned about building properly aerated free draining soils, watering techniques, and fertilization schedules. I certainly have learned alot, more than I thought possible in that amount of time...which I can attribute mainly to my conversations with Josh, who has been so generous to me with his time and knowledge. Shout out to Josh!

Anywho, on the pepper front. I'm currently growing 2 plants each of 3 very basic varieties in a 5-1-1 mix: Jalepeno, Hot Cherry, & Habanero - although after learning so much about the world of chiles from y'all I'm getting ready to order some more interesting seeds to start, but for now.....

This is pepper alley, I'm please with how they are coming along, especially for my first real crack at chile growing...the eggplants in the raised bed are also doing quite well.

Close up of one of the Jalepenos, I've harvested about 2 dozen green guys from this plant for everyday cooking - there are at least that many currently set on the plant, if not more.

Close up of one of the Cherry's, I haven't harvested many just yet, but I'm getting ready to pull some reds and greens off for pickling this weekend.

Hands down the Habs have been the most successful. Both plants are loaded with pods, and I've harvested probably 2 dozen ripe peppers up to this point.

Well, that's what I've done so far. I'll be stepping it up to the big leagues later this year, lol, and I'm really looking forward to learning the craft!

Glad to be here!


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Looks great! That hab sure has a lot of pods and still putting out blooms!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Welcome, PJ!
We're glad to have you! The plants are looking wonderful.


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esox07 (4b)

Yep, welcome. Seems like you did your homework well. Plants look great. My habs last year produced tons of pods too. I too have picked Josh's (Greenman28) brain dozens of times over the last two years. Anything question regarding soils or nutrients usually gets run by Josh first.

And PJ, after you harvest your first initial (usually small) harvest, look out for the second one. Last year I had a pretty good first harvest but probably triple the pods on the second harvest. And with your lengthy growing season, you will probably be able to get a third or even push them through to next spring.

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! I thought that the growth and bud development might slow a bit with so many pods set, but it did the exact feel like they're coming triple speed!!

Always a pleasure, my friend. These plants would be scraggly messes without your input and advice. Cheers!

I'm exicted enough about the first're going to make my head explode talking about 2nd and 3rds...HAH! I do hope that I can keep at least a few of them healthy through the summer. Bugs are going to get baaaaaaad down here in the near future....not to mention that it rains every day. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it though. I actually got a very late start on these plants. They went into pots in February...I could have gotten alot more out of them if I started last fall. That's not a mistake that I will make this year!

Onwards and Upwards!!

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Don't sell yourself short. Some people do all the right things, follow good advice to the letter and still can't get their plants to grow more than a handful of buds - if that. It's the green thumb of gardening and I think you have it!

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Thanks SgtPepper, that is quite a compliment, and truly appreciated!!

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