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jimhardySeptember 22, 2012

Here are some pics of stuff I rarely post for whatever

reason and some other odds and ends.

Entering the garden from the northwest side-

I made a little Castor bean tunnel,pictures don't

do it justice,really is cool under there,like

looking up from a tropical jungle-of weeds-LOL

Rajapuri is a real beast with some serious meat on the trunk!

Small Philodendron (Hope)-hype,you decide.

My only decent sized Thai giant after the big guy was

snapped in a storm last year.

Mekong giant-first year.


first Mickey leaves

L.Grandis,L.Ramsayi and T.Martianus(Khasia kills)

I wonder how the first 2 will like the low 30s that are possible tonight....

Somewhere in here there is a large A.Konjac,Philodendron and Tetrapanex


E.Glaucum(Chinese snow banana)


A S.Lisa


Second H.Parvaflora flower

These are producing seed again after a long time(happy)

Way up there.....

New Zealand Castor flowers are beautiful

M.Saba is finally putting on some size-gutter is around 12'

Not a good year for Bananas and super tropicals..

no rain and very hot dry air burned

up several leaves before they could open.

Nasty horse crippler!

C.Peruvianus has grown both new arms- center/left and all the blue portion on the other(right side)-

about 4' of new mass!

2 C.Volcano x Cerifera

Trachycarpus(Hayes stiffy) Fort x Wag


Variegated Jade plants

One of my 2 replacement C.Cooperi

E.Ventricosum is about 7' in it's first year.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Please tell me you have to dig most of that up every year in winter lol.
I love the bananas. I have a few and want to get more.
All your plants look great!

    Bookmark   September 22, 2012 at 8:51PM
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Thanks Dude....I wouldn't say most but I do have to dig up some!

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Wow you really have a jungle growing there. Your home should be on a garden club visit or a designated Botanical garden. Nice job and all that hard work(and fun) is obviously paying off.

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Very nice Jim. Your agave is getting big. Any thoughts of leaving it in the ground? You don't know how close I came to buying a C. volcano last week at PDN. It was just so small..... I did manage to get a couple pics of the T. Takil. But my computer died so I can't upload them.

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Thanks Ryan


I have thought about it,just kind of maxed out on the electricity right now-even though it's not that is coming from one apartment.

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How big is that waggie you have in the ground? Looks like it has some pretty nice trunkage...

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You can see it pretty good in this pic-I have not taken many pics of the
Trachys because so many leaves were burnt this summer.

So,I trimmed them quite a bit-they are coming back nicely though and the color is back to green again.

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How these purple 3 triangle leaf plants called? Can they be grown in south FL?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

You really are a hard working gardener!! My back is hurting just from looking at the pix lol Curious as to where you got the Licualas?? Grow from seed??
The purple plant is a type of Oxalis is invasive in florida but in a good way pops up everywhere yet doesn't crowd . gary

    Bookmark   September 27, 2012 at 4:50AM
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