Peppers no growth

mdy113May 5, 2014

I'm just a little concerned, its been just about a month here after i transplanted my seedlings (diff types of peppers and tomatoes) and havent seen much growth. Especially my cayenne and jalapeno's. The seedlings are about 6 inches still, and hardly any movement the last week. The weather has also been great last few days.
I had similar issues last year and ended up basically with dying peppers that resulted in no fruits or growth.

This year i rotated with new appropriate soil in my planters, added fertilizier, water appropriately. added mulch. Figured i have been doing every thing right so far, but i dont want to end up like last year with no peppers. Am i being paranoid as a new gardner? will they bounce back? should i replace the seedlings that arent growing while early in season stiil? i dont want another season like last

Two years ago i had 2 cayanne plants in the smallest box and they grew beautifully. Last year expanded to very big outdoor space for plenty of plants and saw terrible results, and seeing not much results (except tomato) so far this season

would appreciate any help or advice.

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I would assume it has something to do with temperature outside. If the few first weeks were not very warm that could slow growth down. Otherwise it could be your soil. Search your zone on google and find out what type of soil you have. That could maybe help you out. Good luck!

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I guess I should mention it is a big raised bed planter with soil I got from home depot garden center. Soil is for planters (non ground use), for plants and veggies. Says feeds up to 6 months. Also tested my soil, and it is slightly acidic

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I doubt it's the soil. Peppers don't NEED incredibly rich soil.

My guess would be temps also. Hard to believe with a good part of the country having a late winter that it was appropriate for you to plant them early. I'm in zone 10 and I usually don't put mine in the ground until the beginning of April.

I'm all about mulching, but not too early. For now, pull the mulch back so that soil can warm up some around the root zones.

Good luck.


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Thanks, I'll pull back some of the mulch, maybe get some more warmth there.

I planted the pepper seedlings maybe around april 10th, we had no more frost, temps maybe dipped in the mid 40s first week or so at night, but well above since then. Just didnt want the same thing happening again like last year where i got nothing from the pepper plants, this is why i am being cautious, or over-thinking it at this point i suppose. I will try to be more patient, hopefully things will start progress with increased temps. May post pics as well later on

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HotHabaneroLady(7a Central MD)

I live just across the river from you in Maryland, mdy. It has been a hard year for peppers for me and many others because of the cold. It has definitely been too cold to put out pepper seedlings and get much from them all month. This is the season to be hardening the peppers off, not putting them into raised beds yet. Not that they will die, just that it is not an optimal time yet. Put-in-ground time is almost here though,

Since they are in raised beds early, I would recommend leaving the mulch over their rooms. That will help them stay warmer at night much the way a blanket helps keep you warm at night.


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Thanks Angie, think you are right. Hopefully the warmer temps coming up soon will kick them into gear. Just hope there wasnt any damage done because of the little cool weather.

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