Anyone know when the PSA Sale will be in Katy?

jandey1(TX8)June 29, 2011

The PSA website hasn't been updated yet, but last year's sale was in late July. Emailing them for info has not gotten any responses. Does anybody know when the sale will be in Katy, Texas?



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I guess its not for a while. I have a vague recollection of one being during the middle of September.

I was out of town for the Seabrook sale but Amanda went and bought me a Duke, JL Pink Pansy, Elizabeth Thornton and THorntons Mardi gras. Her dad got a Slaughter Pink and Thornton Lemondrop which I will help myself to a cutting at a future date. I am converting my in-laws into plumeria growers.

I'm sure you saw the Corpus Christi 23 July plant sale on the PSA website. The details are nonexistant. If details get posted I might take a chance on it. At the least I'll come back with some blue crab to boil. Anyone on here part of the Plumeria Society of South Texas that can share details?

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Nice haul, K! I couldn't go to Seabrook but Katy is doable, IF I can ever find out when it is. Corpus is out of the question for me, but you'll probably enjoy yourself there. They seem to be a fairly active group. And, of course, there's the incomparable shrimp and crab!

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Saturday, August 13th is when the PSA has the Merrell Center in Katy reserved. 6301 South Stadium Lane 77494. Probably from 9am-3pm. Scroll down the "Upcoming Events" bar on the link and you'll see it.

Laura, if you decide to come down for it, let me know and I'll meet you there.


Here is a link that might be useful: Merrell Center events

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I'm a tentative for the Katy Event. I'll be in a truck so if anyone needs room for their acquisitions let me know.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Have truck will travel...LOL

Love it!!!

We also know how to pack in rollerboards on planes too!

I still cant believe the amount of cuttings that i brought back across the coast..lmoa...i kno im addicted...

I can put a cutting anywhere.... : ) lol!!!!

U should have seen the faces of people as i passed thru the aisles...i just smiled and kept on going....


thanks for the info on the show...ill let you know, i might have schedule conflicts in the month of AUgust...but ill let u know..sooooooooooo!!!

You know that i would be there in a heartbeat!!!

Take care.. keep me posted..

Laura in VB

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Heaven help me if I need a truck to haul home plants from this sale! Come to think of it, though, it would be nice to have a larger plant than all my little two-footers. If I stick with the rule that "if it doesn't fit in my car then I can't have it" I should be okay.

Laura, it would great to see you if you can go but I understand it's a long trip for just one day's shopping. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for those who can't be there.

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