State Burn Ban Has Been Cancelled for All Counties

Okiedawn OK Zone 7October 4, 2012

Gov. Fallin has ended the state-wide burn ban that was in effect for 33 counties. The only county that now has a burn ban is Cimarron County, which implemented a 30-day county burn ban.


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Ours was lifted the other day. I grilled burgers to celebrate.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I noticed that she lifted it in two or three stages and, yes, I figured you'd be out grilling to celebrate! I hope the burgers were yummy.

We have not been having a huge number of fires, and I hope that doesn't change. We're still pretty dry in some areas in our county and had a pretty bad fire last week before the rain arrived, but we've had over 2" of rain since then, so I feel like we're in a little better shape now than we were on that day.

Our ground is still cracked and there's too much dry, dormant vegetation mixed in with the green stuff in the pastures, but when you consider what the summer was like, I do think we're in a lot better shape now than we were a month or two back.

The drought continues to drag on and on though, and we all need a whole lot more rain.

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