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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady LakeSeptember 10, 2012

As I have said before, I got into this whole gardening/landscaping thing around the beginning of last Spring (2012). Being in Florida, I have learned that there are a wide array of plants that will readily grow in my area. In a very short time I also learned that this has led to many plants becoming invasive and 'starving' out some native species. There are even some people who are worried that some exotic palms have escaped and are now starting to grow in wild areas. So I have been trying to select plants for my yard that are either native or non-invasive. For palms, all I have at the moment are some robellini's and a few Sabal sprouts. At least I think they're sabal, the seeds looks like sabal, but each one is still in the 'grass' stage.

In in the interest of remaining non-invasive, which palms should I try to avoid? I have tried going through the Florida-Friendly Plant Database, but many species it suggests for my area are listed as 'Not Assessed'. So I thought I would pick ya'll's brains a bit.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

Syagrus romanzoffiana, Livestonia chinensis, and Phoenix reclinata are a definite no no.
i would suggest the true natives of course but also Beccariophoenix is a very non aggressive genus.
Also planting Dioecious palms such as Bismarckia will lesson the risk of seeds being produced/spread.

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Local rainfall and local birdlife I think are important factors in invasiveness. I've found the most invasive here are Caryota mitis and Ptychosperma macarthuri. I'm forever pulling those out. Another that I only recently identified (one of the plants has now got large enough) as Bismarkia nobilis, the green form. The Bismarkia was a bit of a surprise as the seeds are fairly large and you usually see them sprouting around the base of the parent plant.

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