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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)June 8, 2012

Has anyone here registered a plant? Personally I think it would be cool to have one named especially if its unique or even if its not. I do realize it takes a bit of effort, time and money to hybridize them but Im sure some hobbyist has gotten lucky and "created" a nice plant if nothing but by luck. Of course having the main stream, fancy, colorful plants is always nice but I find a bit of intrigue in having a plant that is very rare even if it is just plain white. I know the PSA is very particular and strict on what they will accept which is a good thing. I just wondered if any of us "common" folk have been able to register a plant.

I guess because I have some seedlings growing and knowing that no one but me will have them kind of got me thinking how cool that is.

Also How come it appears that none of Jungle Jacks plants are registered with the PSA. I know its not like a plant patent that protects the proprietor but I still find it a bit odd. Is it just that its not really that important to do so

Have good day.


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

I wonder Jungle Jack's aren't registered because they are cuttings he gets from Thailand? That is a total guess on my part.

He is not the only seller of plumerias with plants without registered names. The ones I have bought from Armstrong Nursery are the same. The brand name is called Tropical Treasures, but on the back it is C Star Nurseries and most of their plants have different names as well. They also sell Kaneohe Sunset, Irma Bryant and a few others, but for instance my "Purple Splash" that I purchased lookes like it is actually Princess Victoria. At least one vendor from last years Spring Garden show told me that is what it was.

You have to wonder where they originate from. It would be intersting to find out. It must take many many many years (and acres) to get a plumeria nursery started!


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That's an interesting topic. I imagine a lot of growers don't have the time, too busy tending their businesses. Seems like a lot of PSA cultivars are registered by hobbyists/collectors, and many of those in the Houston area.

I don't think you have to actually propagate to register. Some folks just run across unusual cultivars in their travels and register them.

Funny how some very popular ones like Penang Peach are not actually registered. It sure would help if so many didn't have alias, for those of us shopping from multiple sources.

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Funny you mention Penang Peach. I was told they could not register the name Penanag Peach because "peach" is part of it's name. According to the Royal Horticultural Society (doesn't that sound important) you cannot have a name that belongs to another species of plants (peach fruit) so they will never be able to register the name Penang Peach.


At the last PSA meeting a gentleman there was given a certificate for a plumeria he had registered. As far as I know he raises plumerias for fun like we do so I'm sure you can register one if you ever get to the point where you have one that you feel is truly special. I know some of the people that are part of the society in Houston have registered plumerias that they started from seedlings.

I am just doing good to raise the plants but I look forward to the day when we might be able to get a plant we could register.

I wish you could come to Texas and talk to some of the people that have been growing plumerias for years. They have so much information to share and we are always learning from them.


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