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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)September 16, 2012


Its been a while since I have shared my palms with everyone. Since I am in Alabama, and can not grow must in the ground during the winter, so I have adopted to grow them in pots. This has worked really good over the years. Many of these plants were small when I started with them. My tallest spindle palm was just a little 2 foot plant when I brought it home from Key Largo, the fan palm was the same. My idea has always been, if you cant live with them, bring them to

Welcome to the world of Tiki

Flowering cattleyas are always nice.

Looking through the Tiki Bar you see several of the palms on the patio.

As we look around we have the Christmas Palm, 3 trunk.

We have a huge spindle palm, six foot of trunk, in a 29 gallon pot.

Hyophorbe indica, I bought this when it was real little, it has taken years and years for this to get the size it is.

I have several triangle palms, and a fan palm.

This was a really little plant when I start growing it. It has started to speed up in the past year. This is Chambeyronia macrocarpa, the red leaf one.

I have about 10 spindle palms in various sizes.

Moving on there are the bottle palms. These are growing nice and fast now.

Then I have the Roebelenii palms. These are old plants too. The one with the long arm sticking out is an old walmart plant from 20 years ago.

There we have it. I am hoping to add some more plants in the future. I am always looking for something new. I do put these plants in the greenhouse during the winter so space is a must. I also have a huge queen palm with 6 foot of trunk too, forgot that one. Hope you enjoyed the visit.

Post questions if you have any.



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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Wow. That was amazing !. Great job taking care of them palms. Just curious, have u tried putting a palm in the ground ?. Our climate ain't really all that bad and there are palms that can survive in our zone.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

prinbama---from what I have researched, some of the plants I have can take in the mid to upper twenties. Some of the others take into the 30's for short periods of time. The problem we have is those weeks that it stays in the 20's both day and night. We do get teens every now and then.
I think with me, its just not that its a palm tree that makes me happy, its the type of palm. There are several that would grow fine in the ground, but I am just not the person to do it. As long as I have greenhouse space, I am going to see how big I can get them.

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It amazes me sometimes, the size of palms that people manage to keep in pots. The Christmas palms would be 3 plants since they're single stemmed palms. The Phoenix roebelenii are interesting in that in nature they are often multi trunked, but all the ones in cultivation are single stemmed. You're certainly doing well with all your palms, especially with having to move them. The Chambeyronia macrocarpa Hookeri will be a real treat when it starts throwing out red fronds.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

tropic---Chambeyronia macrocarpa is the watermelon form and it does throw a red leaf with each new one. I think the Hookeri doesnt have a red leaf. The roebeleniis come in all sizes down here. I remember seeing one at Lowes once back about 10 years ago that had 6 foot of trunk and was huge. I thought $60 at the time was to much, god I wish now I would have bought it. I did find a guy that brings up palm trees from Florida to sell in Al, I saw some HUGE bottle palms that had to be 12 foot tall with huge bases. cheap... plan on getting the trailer out and get 2 next year. I might need to start saving up for a folk lift. :-)

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Some people call it Chambeyronia hookeri, but the proper name is Chambeyronia macrocarpa var Hookeri, which is the red form. I have 2 of them but they're still small, although they're already getting red along the main leaf veins. I also have a large roebelenii which I can walk under now and not get scratched by those horrendous spines. Not my favourite palm for trimming off dead fronds. Never seen large ones for sale locally, suppose people are happy enough to get small ones and avoid them when they've grown.

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Where did you get your bottle palms ?. there beautiful !.

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Nice specimens. Big Tiki fan as well so I love the decor.

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Awesome palms!

I don't think I have ever seen finer palms in pots outside of a Botanical garden-well done(-:

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Those are terrific, thank you for sharing. You obviously put a lot of work in keeping them all up.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Thanks yall...its all fun. Not really work when you enjoy it. Its all a work in progress.

prinbama--- I picked these bottles up at one of those little veggy markets that pop up off the side of the road. We have a few around here and I watch them bring the palms in during the spring. Most of the time they dont sell them, then I go in and offer cash and get a good deal. I have missed a few plants here and there that I wanted. This past year I found out that they are coming from south Florida from some growers down there. A man brings them up to AL in the spring to sell to these little side venders. So now instead of me buying from them, I am going straight to the source.

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