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LynneNY(z6)June 25, 2013

I now have 7 cuttings. (YAY!) The first one I received as a gift last September which was growing indoors by a SW window until I brought it outside when it warmed up, and 6 that I got from a dealer a month ago.

The first one is putting out nice green leaves, while the others are hopefully rooting - all outside in 8 hours of direct sun.

The question is: are they all just going to root and hopefully grow leaves this season, and then the leaves will fall off when I bring them back inside this fall, so I won't really see any flowers until next summer? It's going to be so hard to wait until then, if that is so. :\

I am using some prime "plant real estate" for them and it would be nice to see something other than stems with a few leaves in those spots. I have to keep them there on my second story deck where the deer, woodchucks, etc. cannot get to them, to have yet another meal.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

They MAY bloom next season, or not. You just never know. These plants need a lot of vigor to bloom. That can take a few years, especially in the north.

Now, there's a chance you could even get a bloom on a rooting one, but the bloom was a latent inflo that formed on the plant prior to its being cut off the tree. It may or may not have the energy to sustain that inflo if it does.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Good Luck!!

Dave has given you some great advise..

Patience is your best friend growing Pumeria.. Pray to the Plumeria Gods helps.. ;-)

Now you understand when we have a single bloom and the world stops for us all!!!

It is the best!!

Keep us posted.. we all know what you are going through, so just ask if you need help or advise!!

Take care,


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Thanks for the info, Dave and Laura.

I have another question - most of the new cuttings that I potted up a month ago are starting to grow leaves. Does this mean that they have started to root?

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


Sounds like you are doing great!! In general having leaves does mean it's starting to root. However, I have also read that on some rare occasions, where you see leaves but nothing is happening downstairs! So many don't considered the cutting rooted until they see at least 6 leaves 4-6 inches long.

I have only managed to root ONE cutting so far while killing like 8. I have one other cutting I have been trying to root since Oct 2012! She's neither rooting nor dead. :( But this week I'm starting to see a little glistening going on so I remain hopeful.

Good luck with your cuttings! I hope all of them root for you.

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Thanks for the encouragement "no-clue" (sorry I don't know your name)!

Funny you mentioned the glistening - only 1 of the cuttings I ordered is doing this and I was wondering if that was ok. It does seem healthy, so that's good.

One of my cuttings seemed as though it was rotting last week. It got full of fluid under the outer skin and felt a bit soft to me. I figured what do I have to lose, so I pierced the skin to allow it to dry out. The next day the stem was all firm again, and leaves seem to be starting to grow. There is a spot on the stem where the skin dried back and underneath is not covered - does anyone know if this will be ok in the long run, or if I should cover that area with anything?

Fingers crossed that they all do well, and that yours, No-clue starts growing soon.

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I think it is getting sunburn - cover it right away with aluminum foil so it doesn't continue to get burned or it will hurt the plant.

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Interesting - is that what made it fill up with fluid?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I cannot leave cuttings in full sun here. It's just too harsh. I like to start cuttings under my glass table on our deck. The glass cuts the sun by about 30%. I never get sun burn. If the sun burn is too bad, you may lose your cutting.

Also, i wanted to mention that I accidently knocked over a cutting that had the beginnings of leaves. I could not see any roots thru the plastic container, so I was hesitant to water -- until I knocked it over revealing a lot of small roots!! So I'm watering. The leaves were about 3 to 4 inches long.

The good thing is, this is the absoute best time of year to root cuttings. These took maybe 4 weeks tops to root.

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