Mixing my own soil?

bubba121605(7 N MS)May 21, 2013

I am wanting to mix my own soil and have some things gathered but I'm unsure of the ratio. I have a 3.8 bail of bonnie potting mix(peat,perlite,
and lime) some black cow compost , cotton burr compost , worm castings, bone meal, blood meal and some dolomite lime powder also some perlite . I also have a bag of Jobe tomato and vegetable fert and some liquid fish fert ( 2-4-0). I will be planting in #5 nursery pots can someone give me a idea as to how much of each component to use? I will be growing giant jalapeños and habaneros.

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Geez, I am not an authority on soil nutrients and ammendments but if you add all the stuff you have to your soil mix, it sounds like an overload to me. Simple is usually better with peppers. At least start with a basic soil composition and basic nutrients and adjust as you go. I am sure someone will be able to give you a little more specific guidance but be careful with how you use all those amendments.

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

LOL that's just stuff I have around just trying to figure out what mix would be best for peppers.

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bubba121605(7 N MS)

Ok this is my mix I have came up with please tell me if this looks ok for peppers.10 gallons bonnie potting mix, 2 1/2 gallons black cow manure compost, 2 1/2 gallon cotton burr compost, 2 1/2 gallon earth worm castings,5 gallon perlite, 1 cup bone meal, 1 cup blood meal, 1 cup green sand, 1 cup garden lime.

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Lets start at the NPK of each

Cotton Burr 0.7-.12-.56
Cow compost 0.6-0.2-0.5
Worm casting 2-1-1
Bone meal 4-12-0
Blood meal 13-0-0
Lime CalMg
Jobe veg/tom 2-7-4
Fish fert 2-4-0

Not sure if the Bonnie mix contains any nutrients so make sure you look at that also.

It is recommended soil to worm casting ratio 90/10 but not sure since you listed a lot of organics how that would affect your soil condition with all the added items. Make sure you do your research on microherds so you provide the best environment possible for them to thrive and breakdown your organics to become plant useable.

Good luck hope others more familiar with organics and container gardening chime in.


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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Add some pine bark fine would be very helpful to the plants particularly big containers in the open air/rainy season. Green house or under a roof has not much problems in the rainy season with regular potting soil or peat based potting soil. I did some experiment of bark less soil in the big containers outside. The result I got is not final (nothing wrong to the plants) but the soil are not dry just like bark based soil. So as a precaution I have drained the excess water with wicks. Small containers of 1-2 gallon have no problems without bark.


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