yard pics from missisippi

coltraneSeptember 23, 2010

I always enjoy looking at everybody elses pics, so I guess I'll show mine to.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

THanks for posting the pics. Big yard and really nicely done. What zone are you and how do you provide winter protection for plants like the butia palm and agave?

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Greg, most years we're a zone 8 but I have seen it get bit colder on occasion. For the agave I just draped some thick plastic sheeting over it. As long as its dry it doesnt seem to mind the cold. For the butia I put a plywood box around it with 6 or 7 christmas lights in. Probably overkill but there are a few nights when I'd rather play it safe. Im located half way between Memphis and Jackson, Ms.

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Loved your pics!

What kind of Agave is that?

The leaves look a little wide to be A.americana-

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Beautiful yard! I love the agave and butia and every thing looks really fantastic. Is that bamboo growing in the background of one of those pics?? Very nice layout and everything looks really healthy. I was going to ask the same question as jim because the agave doesnt look like americana, it definitely looks much nicer!

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Super duper nice yard. Looks great. Looks like you have sandy soil. Do you have to water a lot?

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Jim, I got that agave while driving through New Mexico a couple years ago. It was labeled americana but you know how that goes. All I know is that it grows super fast and has lots of kids.

Thats black bamboo in the background, although it takes about a year or so before the culms turn completey black.

The soil only looks sandy because its dry as a bone. Its just your basic Mississippi clay. Notice I spelled Mississippi right that time.

The only things I water are things I've planted this year. Everything else is on its own.

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Looks like your Agave gas grown a lot..but
also showing some cold damage.

What's the lowest temp it has seen?

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)


Everything looks great.I like the Butia capitata,it looks like its still has all its fronds,all the way to the ground.Your grass looks like mine(totally brown).How long has it been since its rained for you?It hasn't rained here for four weeks with high temps in the mid to upper 90s.I really like the Silver European Fan Palm.I don't know why they call them silver,to me mine looks more blue,I have 4 myself.Mine aren't nowhere as big as yours,and they grow at a snails pace.I also like the Agave,my favorite agave is Silver Surfer.It also looks blue not silver.Great job (:


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Jim, I think we got down to about 9 degrees for a couple nights last winter. A little colder than normal for us, but if I remember right, last winter sucked for most everybody. I see the damage your talkin about, I wasnt sure if that was from cold or some kind of fungus,so thanks for fillin me in on that.

Butiaman, I couldnt tell you the last time it rained. Overall dry year here for us in contrast to last years nonstop rainfest.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Good winter protection ideas. I never thought of plywood. I notice when palms are kept dry, wind protected and above 10*F they really can survive well.

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Makes me question if that could really be A.americana as
they begin melt down in the low 20s almost without fail,
mostly the main spear(and it is a wicked spear)will survive.

It's hardiness and the width of the leaves??????????

Great looking Agave!

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Hey Jim, if you think of what that agave it might be, let us know. Youve got me curious now. I also thought it would suffer more than it did and was a bit surprised to see it put out as many pups as it did. Each leaf is getting bigger than the last so it will be interesting to see what it maxes out at.

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