sigh! 2012 will not be the year I make the big success!

t-bird(Chicago 5/6)May 12, 2012

hail damage took out most of my starts.....about 75-80% I think at this point. these being toms/tomatillos/peppers/eggplants.

Have a few left in each category, but tags were all damaged or blown off in the storm.

Welp - I'll try not to cry too much. no windows broke - I was seriously worried, and if the roof doesn't leak after that - I'll consider myself lucky and take what veggies I get.

2013 people! 2013!!!

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I would still be crying, that's terrible, depending on how many survive I would probably pick up starters for this season, could not hold out til 2013. Hope the few that survive are great producers.

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t-bird: I feel your pain. Earlier this week I lost almost all of my peppers to a stupid mistake, then today my cold frame tipped over dumping a bunch of flower and vegetable starts all over the place.

I salvaged what I could, but I probably lost 60-70%. Not my year either.

And just to ice the cake, I burnt my hand pretty bad on the muffler of my tiller last night.

If you want to replace some of your peppers romy6 turned me on to the Cross Country Nursery site:

They won't ship to Chicago until 5/21 or later. I went in on some with a couple guys at work, I didn't want/need 12 plants.

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Its not too late to restart, long as you grab some of the larger plants from the stores that are already growing well. Walmart carries a good range of large tomatoes and peppers these days.

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I agree. Most of the plants left in the garden centers of Walmart, home depot, etc... still have plants and most are already putting out buds and even blooms.
Get a few to augment what you salvaged and it won't be so bad after all.

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t-bird, I feel your pain. A few years ago I lost 95% of my starts to a thrips infestation. It's a miserable feeling loosing your work and dreams for your 2012 crop.

Yes, pick up some starts and salvage what you can of the 2012 season.

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Bummer! I agree with everyone else, there's no shame in picking up seedlings locally. Just be sure to inspect them for bugs before bringing anyone home. Also, you might look / ask around at farmer's markets and local nurseries. Sometimes they will have (or know of) things that the box stores don't carry.

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Spencers_Mom2(8 - Virginia Beach)

Oh man!!! Yeah I got my plants from Cross Country Nursery this year and they ship until May 31st I believe. Treat yourself to a variety you haven't tried yet... you'll feel better. I agree with the above.. don't wait until next year. If I had said that.. I wouldn't have cool plants to tend to and I wouldn't be watching the BF weed the beds as we speak.

So much pleasure in peppers.. and toms.. gotta have fresh salsa ingredients!!


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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Thanks everyone! The supports has been helpful with all my virtual garden homies!

Tales of survival!

I didn't poke around in the seedling trays - which looked a bit like a tossed salad. I watered and tended and waited to see what browned and what stayed green. I found that a nice sturdy stalk of a pepper somtimes sprouted out some leaves- even where I couldn't see a leaf node had been!

I have about 25 mystery peppers that survived! Some of the larger ones - planted in dec/jan - where about 2' high and completely deleafed - they have responded with a vengance and some already have a bunch of blossoms about to bloom - like those trees whose seeds sprout up like crazy after a forest fire, it's like they know the damage was done and many of their fellows lost and are up for the challenge of repopulation!

I have no idea what these peppers are - sweet or hot or which type of what! But there will be peppers.

Also 8 toms, and 6 eggplants, and some tomatillos came through - lost the ground cherries altogether it seems.

But all in all - quite enough and I'm looking forward to seeing the mystery produce!

My advice for anyone who experiences this - wait and see. don't give up while there is greeness and a healthy looking stem....and with the tomatoes - I had some very large ones in 2 gallon containers where the hail had beat through the stem close to the ground. The roots sprouted up a new plant!

Nature - don't underestimate her!

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Great news! Glad some pulled through for you!

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Wow, I was glad to hear you didn't give up. I was hoping you would get lucky, and be able to salvage some of your start ups. I agree 100% never give up, between the good Lord and a little elbow, you'll be amazed what you can survive! Good luck.

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The 2012 Chicago Cubs feel your pain.

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*elbow grease. :)

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