What is killing my pumpkins?? Photos

trh701(z4sd)August 2, 2006

Help!! What killed my pumpkin?? My plants were fine and then three days later I went to the garden (is in a community garden) and the leaves had turned yellow and then brown and was all wilted. I could tell it wasn't going to live. Then a few days later another pumpkin plants' leaves are turning yellow and are wilting.

We have had extremely hot temps for almost a week but I have watered them well. I also use soaker hoses so water rarely gets on the leaves. I have been very faithful in spraying for bugs (Tempo II) and have not seen any of the usual culprits. When I planted them at the end of May I sprinkled a three-month all purpose fertilizer in each hole and have sprayed the leaves with kelp spray a few times.

I am pretty sure it is a virus-type of problem but which one? Anything I can do to keep it from spreading to the others? Will I be able to use this same plot next year?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Squash vine borers are a major issue with lots of gardeners at this time of year. That might be something to look for aside from the usual bacterial blight and other problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: This might assist in diagnosis

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it looks like SVB problem. with the entire vine dieing. that is usual. they attack pumpkins.

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