Sept 3rd & 4th pics

jimhardySeptember 5, 2012

Start off with some Pachy's

I knew if I repotted the Madagascar palm it would grow more this year....

check out the leaves-

3' crown of leaves

can't wait to see it next year...I think I'll put it in a bigger pot!

Pachypodium Fiherense

Pachypodium Geayi -in front of the Cereus-which(BTW)has grown out the whole branch on the left,the one in the center and the blue part of the one on the right-and I was wondering why the top didn't grow!

Sequoia is 7' 1"

This Fiddle leaf fig has grown out everything above the yardstick in 6 weeks or so?

Philodendron (Hope) or is it Hype?

Whatever you call it-sure has grown a lot!

C.Maxima,L.Grandis,L.Ramsayi,T.Martianus(Khasia hills),T.Martianus.


Siam Ruby

Rowe Red

Few Sabal Lou

H.parviflora -the one one the other side bloomed this spring-still going too.

A.Parryi(blue form)

Trichocereus Terscheckii


One of Garry's(Coldplant)Stonegate Princeps.


Another Princeps-planted in Feb


Castor beans...somewhere in the neighborhood of 13' while they stand.

Castors on the east side


3 of the Corpse lilies have 60" spreads and are about 3 1/2' tall.

One of the backups for the C.Cooperi

B.Eriospatha trunk.

nice recovery from spear and socket/core pull.

interesting that M.Saba puts it's leaves all the way out on a foot long petiole before they open.

One last shot of the Castor beans

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Amazing !. Your Garden looks so much like home (In Puerto Rico). My grandmother Loved tropical plants and she was constantly planting all kinds of stuff. Great job and im sure next year everything will grow even more.

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Holy cow! That's Iowa? Nice work!!!

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Great pics! Your yard is looking great as always! THe bananas, castor, yuccas, agaves, cactus, palms, etc are all huge now! Definitely looks like a tropical jungle!
Thanks for sharing!

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Really nice, everything looks so full. Im guessing your tree ferns didn't make?

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T.ferns were killed off last fall by 18-22F temps-it was forecast to be 27F .).:

The 2 Cooperi were still green until recently-one remains.

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As usual, everything looks great. Love that washy. I need to get me one of those next year! Where did you get that?

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