Inside they come is this it?

andyandy(6bMI)September 17, 2012

Well the calendar may say summer but it's time for my most tropical plants to come in. Sunny and 80 today but rainy and low 60s tommorow and low 40s tommorow night. My coconut, 2 bottles, spindel, and Washy will be coming in tonight. I see nothing in the 10 day forecast to suggest they will be coming going back out anytime soon. It looks like the only days in the 70s they are predicing are going to be rainy. the days when it is sunny are going to be in the low 60s. This is pretty disapointing and awfully early. I hope we get at least one more warm up.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

i understand taking the coconut in but not the washy. Keep that guy out there!
those temps are not too bad, hopefully its just a little cold front

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the temps wont hur the washy if it's dry but sitting in wet soil with lots of rain when it's dropping into the low 40s won't be too good for it. besides it's a baby only a foot tall so it's no big deal to move it in and out.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

You can leave those bottles and spindles out. That water and cool nights wont hurt them. The low temps wont be all night, just early part of the morning. Take the coconuts in and leave the rest out. It will do them good to get some rain water.

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probably up to you mon,all things being equal.

I was looking back at some pics from late Oct(2011) and I saw people in T-shirts....

So,we should get some warm weather will get old
fast though,right? bringing them in and taking them out!

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Actually wet and cool temps/soil won't harm a washy. We get most of our rain in winter and temps are in the 50f's for highs and 40f's for lows on average. They grow like weeds!! lol But yes I'd move in the coconuts to be on the safe side.

- US_Marine

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

no way andy. i had heavy rain one night with temps in the 30's then the next night it dropped two 21, freezing the soil rock hard and that potted washy never skipped a beat. those things are bulletproof

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I agree with the above, take in the coco and leave everything else out. They will do far better outside even in the cool temps than being inside. They'll be inside long enough throughout the w*&t&r.

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Well moved them in last night it's supposed to be 40 tonight. I've always said just because something CAN take a temperature does not mean they should. All but my tall spndle are in the kitchen window where they get southern sun all day. I can always move them out. I may be babying them but I just bought the spindle a month ago and re-potted it. it just pushed up a new spear last week. Looks like we rebound to high 60s-low 70s by Monday.

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If I could put my plants on a pallet and wheel them out for an hour,I would -even in winter!

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I would keep them out as long as possible. My bottle palm survived the October snowstorm! But I dont recommend putting it through that since even my livistonas got a little discolored!
The washy and spindle wont have problems with that temperature and if the rain isnt hard and the soil drainage is good, then it shouldnt be much of a problem.
Hope it warms up for you!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Wow so this morning was 48 f outside. My poor seedlings did not like it one bit. So to be a little safe I went ahead and moved indoors. So far my washy and pindo is looking pretty good. I sure do hope winter don't come to early this year

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were supposed to have a HIGH of 59 Sunday but then it stables out around 70 si I probably will bring everything back out. it's a tuff choice though. the spot I have my bottles and Coconut in gets more direct sun then anyplace outside i could put them.

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

Yikes! those are our winter temps here (low 60s/40s). The washingtonia should be fine down to a low of 30F. They start getting leaf spots below that in my experience with freezes.

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