Garlic and Aster Yellows Disease

soilent_greenAugust 18, 2012

I recently started a thread in the Vegetable Forum regarding my and many other Minnesota growers' garlic crops being destroyed by Aster yellows this year. I am posting the link to that thread below. I am cross-posting in the pertinent GW forums in the hopes of receiving more input and/or suggestions regarding the subject matter by folks who may be able to help but do not follow the Vegetable Forum.

We need all the info/advice we can get in order to get a handle on this disease regarding how to prepare for it, control it, fight it, or to at least minimize its damaging effects, if it occurs again here. I am passing all helpful information on to any Minnesota garlic grower who requests it and is not a member of GW.

Please reply to this topic on the main thread in the Vegetable Forum, not here.

Thanks for your time and any input.


Here is a link that might be useful: Main Subject Thread in Vegetable Forum

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