Sept Pics

chicago_palmSeptember 12, 2011

Here are some pics of my 4 in the ground palms.

My Butia today:

My Butia before planting. The fronds were dying. I appreciate everyone's encouragement that it would recover.

My Washy

My Trachy

My Euro Fan Palm

End of the season? Thursday's high 59, low 40. Keith


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Wow your in chicago? it snows hard there right? cant believe you planted palms there im in NM and its still kinda hot here good luck on those palms fall is alomost here. Nice pictures!

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They look great-nice selection too!

That Washy is going to take off next year,
how long has it been in?

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Look great. What kind of heroic winter protection do you give them?

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Everything looks very healthy. Not next year, but the year after, I think that washy is going to get really fat and tall for you! And that Butia made a great recovery!

Good luck with the cold. Lowest temperature in the forecast here is 51F, the growing season will go on, but thats chilly! I dont think your growing season will end yet in Chicago, but I bet many areas to your west will get cold enough to kill some tenders. This is way too early for frost anywhere! Not a good sign for winter!

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Thanks everyone. Yes I live in a suburb about 40 miles NW of Chicago. I use a simple protection method (from other members), which is 2" foam board, 1X4's to secure the foam board, a plywood top and wrapped in plastic and two 23 watt fluorescent lights inside the box. The boxes cover the palms from December thru Mid March.
This is the Washy's first full year in the ground. It was in the pot for two years before I planted
Feels like it's about two weeks early for this cold blasts. I hope it's not a sign of things to come!

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Probably will be another cold winter-maybe the coldest yet.

Be careful with your Washy and moisture in springtime,
assuming they make it through winter fine,early spring is
a crucial time-best to keep the roots dry until truly warm
weather hits.

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Thanks Jim. Sounds like a good reasoin to keep the box on the Washy a little longer to keep it dry this Spring. How are your Bananas doing? Do you think they will mature before the end of the season?

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What type of Washingtonia is it? Been doing a lot of research on them lately and looks like it's robusta since it's got a reddish tint to its petioles and the fans aren't very fuzzy.

I have one I rescued from a friend's San Diego garden (they're called "weeds" out there). I keep going back and forth on what I think it is. I assumed it was Mexican Fan (Robusta), but now starting to think its California (Filifera) because its petioles are mostly green and fans are pretty fuzzy.

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Yea Chipalm

I left my Washys covered with a more moderate enclosure-
basically scaled down the protection by March to create more heat and unleash those fronds!

They are not like Trachys and Butia in regard to cold soil and moisture,I don't even let mine get water until soil temps hit 60F.

They are so much fun to watch grow!

I think mine are on 13-14 leaves now-some are 40" across(-:

Bananas don't look much different than they did a few months ago-really not sure if they will ever ripen
they are softer though......-also-
maybe see mid 30s here Wednesday/Thursday night?

I actually removed my Basjoo,they were a source for WSM that has decimated my palm collection-

next year some single stalk Thai black and Saba will replace them.

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Not sure what species it is?

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Seems these days,more Washys are hybrids than one are the other.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Great looking Pictures!!!

Congratulations on a fine job!!!

Everything looks so healthy...

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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