Frost damage ... please help!

kariplumeriaJune 4, 2011

I purchased my plumeria from Florida six years ago. I live in WI, so I can only watch it grow throughout the summer. So far, I've only had success getting PLENTY of leaves on the plant, but no flowers. Well, this year, unfortunately I left it outside a little too long, so it got damaged by frost. I kept cutting all the bad parts away, and now all I have is an ugly stick. I cut down until I saw just white wood. Now, though, it looks like the wood is hollowing at the top. Is there any way to save it? Should I replant? Is there a way I can post a picture on here to show you? Please help! :(

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Depends. How cold did it get? If it was below freezing unprotected for more than 5 hours, it's in trouble for sure. If the core is frozen, it may not make it. I've had some do that too....just keep rotting down, down, down until they were mush. One came back from the very bottom, though, so don't give up completely. On the other hand, if the soil froze, it's toast.

If the ugly stick lives, there will be shoots coming out of the sides, and the top will die down to the first shoot and eventually fall off. Leave it alone if it does that, and do not cut that top dried out part off until it falls off on its own.

I had one die down to the ground once, and I thought it was gone, and suddenly, one shoot came up from just below ground and grew into a beautiful plant.

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