Curly Anaheims?

TeXasbaby(8b)May 7, 2012

This is my first year gardening and I was wondering if the Anaheim pepper I have growing is going to end up curly. I have looked for pictures of Anaheims that have just started growing, but none that I have found look as rounded as mine.

I bought all my plants already started from walmart, and I know that is not the best idea, but I couldn't find a local nursery that sold veggies.

So is my first pepper going to be round or will the main part be straight with just the end rounded?

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I think it will look pretty much like it does now.

I have grown Big Jim (similar to Anaheim) for several years and sometimes they are straight others, they are curled like yours above. Not sure what causes it.

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Thanks, all of this is new to me, so I don't actually know what is normal and what isn't.

About how long will it take for the pepper to be ready to harvest? (impatient much?)

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Once you're sure it's done growing, I think you can harvest any time. If you leave it long enough, it will eventually turn red (ripe).

I like some of each, so, I wait until some are turning red, then pick everything that looks full size and wait for the next flush or the smaller guys to get bigger.

BTW, it's hard to tell, but, that plant looks kind of small. I would expect that once you pick that one it should start growing more and will put out many more blooms.

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When I bought the plant from walmart it already had two blooms on it. One set fruit, but then the whole thing fell off. This is the other bloom. I know I should have pulled the bloom off so the plant could get bigger, but I tend to be impatient and I doubt whether I can actually keep these plants alive. This is my experiment year more than anything really.

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Gotcha! It's so hard to pull off those early blooms. I'm guilty of that at times as well. :-)

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It looks to me that you probably have a good plant that isn't happy.
Kinda yellow causing the weird pod and yellow plant.

Your soil has a lot of wood/bark in it.

That means that the soil needs special attention.

I LOVE bark/wood based soil mixes for my pots.
You DO have to know how to use them though.
As the bark breaks down you need to add/use extra Nitrogen ferts.

I found Fish Emultion works better than chemical ferts.

Fish needs to break down to be plant usable (no instant results like chemical ferts) it's hard to over do it with alaska fish emultion.

As a side note,read the lable on other fish emultion products,they contain Uria(sp?) and overdose plants with nitrogen.
Don't use it in the way I use Alaska fish emultion.It'll mess you up with too much instant plant usable nitrogen.
You want to supply the plant AND the breaking down wood products with nitrogen not overdose either,keep an even balance.
I use a light dose,1/10th or less dose every other time I water my pots.
I use Seaweed extract in even lesser amounts and add Ca. Mag Acetate (Dolomite lime disolved in %5 white vinegar) to my ferts.
I don't measure my ferts.I add a shot of Fish and 1/2 shot of Seaweed and an eyedropper of the Ca.Mag. to my 2 gal. pump sprayer and every other day water and in between just spray with the fert mix.
Check out Foli-Cal for Ca. and since I'm using Dolomite Lime which has mag. in it I get both in the form of an acetate which is plant usable in my witches brew.

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