Wild turkeys ruining garden beds

shamboAugust 29, 2006

We've had wild turkeys wandering in and out of our property for the last three years without incident. However, the last couple of weeks a band of over ten youngish turkeys has taken to rooting around in my garden beds. In their quest for tasty tidbits, they uproot plants and disturb the mulch. I also have mulched heavily around newly planted trees. By the time the turkeys are done searching for snacks, the mulch is in total disrepair.

Any hints for keeping them out of the beds & away from the trees? I'm getting tired of repairing the damage only to have them return the next day. Thanks for your help.

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plf333(z6 Ca)

I would think that many "tasty tidbits" luv it under the mulch. The only thing that works for me is one of the greatest inventions ever, "CHICKEN WIRE"!,either layed in the ground flat or circling the area you want to protect. My garden looks like a plant zoo. After awhile you don't notice the wire so much & you still have your plants n trees. Without harming the critters. Peg

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malorn(7 S.E. Mass)

I am always in "awe" seeing wildlife. Wild turkey sightings are few and far between in my area...but I did get to see them once up close and in person when 7 very large one's investigated my yard...Thankfully they didn't find anything interesting and moved on when the dog started barking...What an amazing sight...although you probably don't feel that way right now..but I'd love to see them.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

maybe if you surround the yard with cans of gravy and cranberry sauce.. they will get the idea.. and run for the hills .. lol ...


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sherlock_holmes(z6a PA)

You could try these ideas as well.


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