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trh701(z4sd)August 2, 2010

Yes, I have used the search engine here and on the web in general and am not finding answers to my questions. I was given a container of bT to use for controlling bugs in my garden but want to make sure I use it correctly.

1. I was given it to use for the grubs in my lawn. Will this help to control them?

2. It sounds like I can spray it on my garden to control all kinds of worms. I am harvesting cucumbers now - is it still safe to use during harvest?

3. Will it help with grasshoppers?

4. I have an Ortho dial sprayer I am planning to use. It sound like I would set it for 2-4 tsp. per gallon?

I am really trying to be mostly organic and the bT sounds like it is an organic product. I don't want to kill off the beneficial insects but I also need a little help in controlling the destructive ones.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You have to tell us exactly which Bt you were given. There are many different kinds of Bt. If you look on the label, you will see a list of ingredients. Let us know what the label says.

If you can't find the list of ingredients, then let us know a list of the insects that are mentioned on the label. That will let us know which Bt you've purchased.

But just so you know, there is one Bt that is for caterpillars. Another one works for some grubs. Yet another works on the mosquito and fly larvae that bother us. These products are VERY specific in which kind of insect they will control, and it doesn't cross over.

For example, if you were given something for caterpillar control it will not do anything for the grubs in your lawn. And there isn't a Bt product that controls grasshoppers.

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Bacillus thuringiensis will aid in controlling some insect larva if applied early enough in the larvas life.
BTK, one form, is meant for leaf eaters and when they are young will give them a disease that causes the wee buggers to stop eating and so they die.
BTI, another form, is aimed at the larva of blackflies, fungus gnats, and mosquitoes.
BTSD, still another form, is aime at some weevils, the Colorado Potato Beetle and elm leaf beetles.
What you have might be a powder, meant to be mixed with water, or a dust meant to be applied to the plants the target insects feed on since it must be ingested (eaten) to work.
If the container does not have application directions on it you were not given anything useful since you cannot use it because you do not know what it is and whether it is a powder or dust.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Or, it could be a liquid, Kimmsr. You have such a talent for confusing the issues. Have you never heard of Thuricide, a commonly used Bt-K formulation used for the control of caterpillars? It is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer. Hose-end sprayers are often recommended.

It's our job, at this time, to TRY to find out from trh701 just what it was he was given. Hopefully, he purchased his product in the original container and was not 'given' a supply from someone in a mayonnaise jar or something.

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It is Dipel 2x.

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Dan Staley

Dipel 2x is Bt-K. The very first hit I got on The Google gave all we needed to know, the label for the product.

I'm not sure why someone told you that this product controls lawn grubs, but you may want to take their advice with a grain of salt from now on, esp if the bottle you got came with a label.

The label will also tell you how soon you can harvest after spraying, most Bts usu very safe up to the day of application, as is this one. Apply with a mixture according to what pest you have.

Hose-end sprayers are inappropriate for this product. I use a quart hand sprayer for mine.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If, in fact, you purchased this product in hopes of controlling grubs and maybe grasshoppers, you need to return it for a refund. Bt-K is for the control of young caterpillars and nothing else. Nothing. It should never be applied unless there is a serious infestation of those insects.

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