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Will07(5)June 28, 2013

I got this cutting from a friend a year ago and it was doing great last summer and even in the winter where she was stored she kept most of her leaves. Eventually they started to fall off and I asked on here what I can do to make her shape more appealing. Someone said tie up the branches to curve them so I did and it worked nicely. My problem now is she won't leaf out. She will start to develop leaves and then they dry up, turn black, and I pick them off. I suspect it is because she is up against the house's wall facing south and its too hot and dry. However my mother's plumeria which you can see in the back ground loves the spot. I'm assuming because this one is a cutting and a different type, it might not like the same location? My mother's is white with a yellow throat and this one is supposed to be pink. I've seen pics of people's plumeria on here that have flowered even though they were smaller than mine. I realize they are in a much different climate than me but I'd like to know why my plumeria can't even grow leaves! It's really frustrating!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


Some of mine took their good time getting going too. My Guillot's Sunset just started leafing out a week or two ago.

One year I had some over-wintering damage to a few plumerias. They rotted on the trunks just BELOW the soil line from too much watering in winter (garage got too cold too). They took forever to leaf out. Some re-rooted with my doing nothing. Some I lost the bottom portion, but was able to reroot the tops.

So you might scrape some of the soil away to check for that just in case.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Sigh... Hilo Beauty and JJ's Christina are doing the same to me. I have no idea what they are doing at this point. I checked and both are firm so I'll just have to wait and see.

I wish I know more so I can help them wake up. :(

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I zoomed in really really close and it looks like the one leaf you have on the right branch is deformed - I would at least try to spray for either spider mites or thrips (I'm betting on spider mites with your climate) on the tips and see if that helps. The deformation of leaves is often a symptom of them even if you do not see them and when my plants get mites it looks just like that. It's at least worth a try. If after a couple of treatments you don't start seeing new leaves I would be surprised, unless it is black tip - can you take a close up of that tip and leaf by chance?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I agree.. some are slower to wake up..

My Guillots Sunset is the last to open too, Dave!!!

Check for mites and thrips. i would even gently pull the tree from the container and check for good root color.. that may be another problem. Just loosen from the sides and pull out the whole rootball. it should come out easily, be careful not to damage the roots tho.

Hope this helps!!

You are in a colder zone than alot of us, it probably is slower because of a differet variety too!!! Im sure it is fine..

Take care,


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I would also lean towards spider mites wrecking havoc. My GS is also a slow starter and Veracruz Rose totally tanked, sealed over, and is just now starting back up. Never saw any mites but i think they were there.

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Here's a close up of the one leaf

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Will, assuming your plant has healthy roots and is not infested with insects, I'd say your climate zone is the reason for the slow start.

Plumies can take up to a few months to hibernate over winter but in your zone they're getting a longer dormancy period. I would seriously consider some supplemental lighting in the spring to help get it going.

Start around 8 hours, then slowly work up to the number of daylight hours that the plant will get when it's time to move it outdoors where you are. This will really improve your chance of seeing lush foliage and blooms during your shorter season!

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