Chipmunks Eating My Tomatoes

elisebAugust 28, 2007


What can I do to stop Chipmunks from eating tomatoes from the plants in my garden.

I have tried Fox urine, Shake Away, Pepper Spray, Tin Foil around the base of the plants. Nothing works.

Please Help!!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

try a nut wired to a rat trap .. or peanut butter .... find the hole ... invert a large bucket over the hole with the trap inside ....

vermin are vermin .. and if they are stealing your food.. its you or them ... this aint disney ... if you just cant bring yourself to act accordingly .. then perhaps you shouldn't complain ...

the bucket or pot will keep other animals out of the trap ..

good luck


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kubotabx2200(Zone 5b NH)

Best solution is an airgun that shoots .22 pellets.

Second best solution is a rat trap baited with peanut butter.

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Have you seen them do it, or just happen to see them in the proximity of your garden when it's been done?

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lagrangeny(z6 NY)

Simply shoot them. They may be raccoons. Raccoons eat in the middle of the night. Very cagey. They will never leave unless you get them now.

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Just a note to ken_adrian, kubotabx2200, lagrangeny ...

Killing is not a solution. I would recommend researching humane preventative measures instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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In my last post I neglected to list the preventative methods of control. However, I encourage you to retry those 4 you mentioned.

I recommend this: Fence your garden with 1/4 inch mesh that extends at least 6 inches below the ground and then over your plants. I've also heard that statue predators (i.e. owls) can scare them away.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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The owl statues don't work, neither do fake snakes. Nor does bird netting. They will find a way through, over or under. They can climb quite well when the occasion warrants it. Ripe tomatoes are a good incentive.

Typically they eat the bottom out of the tomatoes closest to the ground, but will work higher up when necessary.

The solution I found were 2 small Have-a-Heart traps (wire cages with trapdoor at each end) baited with chunks of tomatoes from the damaged ones. Find them at hardware and big box stores. Mine were about 4x4 inches across and maybe a foot long. Plenty big.

Peanut butter will not work no matter what it is put on if there are ripe tomatoes nearby. They will sell their soul for a ripe tomato once they take one. The tomato bait needs to be fresh to 2 days old max.

Put the traps under the plants or between the rows nearest the woods or hiding places and check them every morning or you may make them suffer from heat stroke.

In my small 20 plant garden I collected and relocated 12 of the critters over a 2 week period (last year). Then enjoyed peace and tomatoes from then on. I took them to a park and released them all in the same spot. It needs to be at least a mile away, further if possible. Be kind to your friends in other neighborhoods and don't put them there. They may have tomatoes too.

Good Luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: Oldtimer Speaks Out

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this morning i found 3 beautifully formed tomatos - still green lying on the ground next to the tomato plant. I thought the recent rain storm shook them loose. But just a moment ago, i watched a chipmunk sit at the bottom of the tomato plant, then climb the stalk and chew another green tomato from the vine. it fell to the ground, he watched and scampered off. my .22 is now loaded and later i will add some mouse traps to yard. these guys have killed numerous flowering plants from underground and two new sapling trees. its time for this annoying "alvin" to die.

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