white hab question

roadkill(5)May 14, 2011

Well my peppers are not even in the ground yet and i am thinking about harvesting already. i have never grown white hab before

my question is , white habanero is it white on the inside too?

if it was mashed fermented would the color of the sauce be milky white????

sorry i can not seem to be able to wait 5 months for this answer

i think it would be pretty wicked to have white sauce bottled beside my red ones

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Probably yes.

However, I grew them and the peppers are so small that I threw them out. It is going to take a lot of work to get a quart of peppers. I would never grow them again. they grew close to the ground and lots rotted or fell off onto the ground. terrible pepper in my estimation. one jalapeno pepper will probably give you more mash than all the white habs on a huge plant.

I said to myself that it makes more sense to grow regular big habs instead of these insane tiny nothing white habs.

I grow for making hot sauce. I want and need some volume, some weight. that is why I would never again grow the tiny white habs. To me they seemed very thin walls and hollow inside.

For me they also were very late to ripen so most never ripened. although a few did. The same year I did about 15 gallons of habanero mash regular kind. and 10 gallons of jalapeno mash and I was just not going to spend days trying to pluck and clean those tiny dots and get nothing for it. I threw them all out in the compost bin. glad I did. I was getting 70 to 100 ripe huge habanero per plant. Almost all were beautiful ripe. and then waste time on less than one regular hab to clean and pluck all day. forget it.

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hi you are zone 5 too i see i am in ontario i have 4 white growing ready to plant soon, i have had lots of flowers to clip off these whites more than any other pepper plants i am growing, i left one flower alone and it is a pepper now and is already as big as a jalapeno and still green, also this one plant has almost stopped flowering since the one pepper appeared, the plant is still growing as well if not better than the other 3 i have
i have the room so i will still plant them any way

15 gallons WOW i hope i can do THAT !!!! sweet
how many habanero plants did u have growing

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I live in Michigan...I agree that the peppers are way smaller than regular habaneros but i had a little different experience....I got a ton that ripened in August and had them right up through October. They were white inside too ( i think - I am color blind). They were definitely light in color. I agree with gardendwgie though I did not replant them cause they were pretty small and I make hot sauce also, so I want more volume and think they are a pain in the but to pick all day long. I wouldn't abandon your plants though. Plant them and see how you like them. Good luck. They are hot and flavorful - just not as easy to deal with as some others.

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