Hot Pepper Plants and Sunlight

rebel_renegade1May 23, 2010

I had a similiar question about Pepper Plants...I.E. Jalapeno, Habanero, and Cayenne. I live in a house that has ample shade by the many trees in the yard. I planted my Garden closer to the house so I could keep it up better. Well, The Spot I planted it in gets spotty sunlight until Between 11 and 1 O.clock or so, Then it does get full sunlight. It might be more or Less. I can't be completely accurate. The spot gets sunlight but it is often spotty. Does anyone know if this will be an ok amount of Sunlight? If not is there a way that I can get them to grow better and bigger even without an ample supply of sunlight? I have soil conditioner mixed in with the soil and Fertilizer spread over the garden and do water it, but I wanna make sure that the garden grows good. Any tips or suggestions would muchly be appreciated!

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Five hours of direct sunlight will provide about 33 mols per day, peppers need 22 mols/day to thrive.


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Ok What in the world is mols?

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A measurement of the accumulation of PAR light in a 24-hour period!

For sunlight:
Lux (from a light meter - bright sunlight in the middle of summer is about 110,000 lux) divided by 10.76 x .000718 x hours per day.
Footcandles x .000718 x hours per day.



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reyna1(Zone 8)

Interesting, it's always been my experience that even one mole kills plants :)

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juicyj(Zone 6) head hurts. should be long as theyre getting about 6 hours of (mostly) direct sun a day they will be good....though for future reference the more the better....idealy you would want them to get about 10-12 hours a day....if possible.
the more the better....but either way i would wager theyll be fine.

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Wordwiz, that's fascinating! Where could I look up the number of mols needed for other plants? Do you have a reference somewhere?

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I have an EXTREMELY sun-challenged garden situation, with three separate spots that get, respectively, around 2, 4, and 5-6 hours of sun per day. It sucks, but that's what I have to work with, and I do make it work, with about 45 total pepper plants.

The upshot of it is, 5-6 hours is enough to get you a full load of full-sized peppers on a plant. 4 hours of sun per day will get you a decent but not completely full load of peppers. For instance, a Thai Hot that might produce 35-50 pods in optimal conditions might give you 20 or maaaaybe 25 with 4 hrs of sun. 2 hours will get some plants to produce fairly well while most will give you a couple of pods and not be worth the effort. For instance a jalapeno early that might produce upwards of 35 pods in ideal conditions might give you 5-8 pods in 2 hrs of light, or less. Or a Serrano that might produce 25 may give you 3 or 4 with 2 hrs of sun. You really need a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun to have an enjoyable growing experience, and 5 or 6 hours should be the target.

Hope that helps.

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This site discusses Daily Light Integral and lists bunches of different types of plants and how much sun they need. This one has the formula for calculating the DLI.


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Thanks wordwiz. This sort of stuff intrigues me. I'm off to take a look so my head can hurt too!


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