when to put over-wintered peppers outside

michelelcMay 5, 2011


I am new to over-wintering peppers. I did it for the first time this year. About half of the ones I over-wintered made it. I have a thai, cayenne, jalapeno and poblano left. I was wondering when I can put them outside, and if they need to be hardened off? I have been cutting the leaves and branches off over the winter, that would grow. Now, I have left the new growth alone the past few weeks.



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Yes, they should be hardened off to the outdoor conditions. You can leave them outside after the hardening off as long as it isn't going to frost or freeze, but they would probably be happier if nights were above the 40's. You might want to bring them in and out on a daily basis if you have cold nights.

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Yes, the new growth isn't used to the full power of the Sun. Harden them off. The rule of thumb I have always heard is nights no colder than 50. The occasional dip to the 40's will probably be ok.

I'm looking for mostly 50's at night myself before up-potting and taking my over-wintered plants back out. I don't like having to drag them in and out any more than I have to. :-)

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Thanks for the advice. I will slowly harden off the peppers. There are only 4, so taking them in at night won't be a big deal :). Now if the weather would just cooperate. It's been a cool spring here in MA. I also have seedlings of some habanero, jalepeno, serrano, hungarian wax as well as 3 varieties of bell peppers started, and the are growing slowly. I want to get these out in some sunshines also!

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