Source for Venezuelan Snowball

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)June 12, 2012

Does anyone know of a source for Venezuelan Snowball? I've looked and looked online but so far haven't found any for sale.

My JJ's Premium White (which turned out to be Ken's White) has a light floral scent and I'm really wanting a white plumeria with a strong scent.

Venezuelan Snowball's strong honeysuckle scent description has gotten me intrigued (plus I think the bloom structure is beautiful).

In the meanwhile I've ordered a Dwarf Deciduous White from Florida Colors. It's supposed to have a strong citrus scent.

Thank you,


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey robert. Next year my JJ's scentsational might be big enough to take a cutting from so I will try and remember to get you one.

dont know where to find the Snowball

the "White Knight" at Maui Gardens sounds nice, "The scent is similar to a gardenia."


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks, Mike!

I actually just ordered a rooted cutting of a white Thai NOID from Lola's Gardens on eBay which to my eyes looks like it could be 'Scentsational' (the petals curl up and look a little floppy and the leaves are wide and have distinctive tips).
The seller says it's highly fragrant. :)

My plumeria obession is quickly getting out of hand. Laugh.

Also thank you for the 'White Knight' heads up!


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I think both of our obsessions are getting out of hand, Im blaming Kenny, Laura, Jandey, heck pretty much everyone here, hahaha. I went by Southwood again today just to see if maybe they had marked down what is left. Fortunately they havent. They have a blooming Jenny and a Hearts desire calling your name


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Laugh. Just what I needed, another enabler! And here I was thinking Kemistry was a bad influence. ;)
Fortunately I have plants on their way to try and hold my interest. Plus my 'Daniel Weeks' ginger (Hedychium) is finally starting to produce flower spikes. Woo hoo!
I know I'll need to divide them soon.
You're welcome to a chunk if you want to try yet another fragrant tropical plant. :)


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