A few bloom pics

SFLGPlumeJune 2, 2012

Hi everyone,

Here are some blooms that I'm currently enjoying.

Tropical Dream:

Cal Sunset:

(This is the first time the CS has bloomed--is that color speckling a color break or a general characteristic? Anyone?...Anyone?)

Finally, Kona Candy, which has been pumping out huge flowers for weeks on end--what an amazing tree:

Peg, I owe you a personal update--sorry, I've been super-busy. I want you to know that I've seen some positive results with the spray you sent. There are many leaves that have a single bite taken out of them, so I think it's clear that the iguanas don't like the taste. YAY! However, when I go back to a plant that the day before they seemed to have left alone due to the bitter spray, I find all the leaves eaten...different iguana? Hungrier than the day before? Who knows? But it's definitely helping...I think I owe you a cutting! :) (But, PS: I will use it up very quickly!)

General update: I've pulled about half the urns--certainly all the ones with inflos--off the dock altogether for the short term. The iguanas never seem to be brave enough to venture closer to the building. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

Happy weekend, all!


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YEAAAAA Greg, I'm glad it is at least working some. I guess they have to take one bite to see they don't like it. Now the bad news, the company stopped making it 2005. :( See how long I've been out of the loop. At least we know bitters works and can figure something out from there. Thanks for the update. Peg

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EXACTLY. Perhaps I can try angostura bitters or something.

I'll be in touch with you by email. Thanks again :)

Between this morning and now, I realized that I forgot Sally Moragne! This plant arrived from Hawaii a few months ago with 2 inflos, and although these flowers are tiny and probably not what they'll look like in future seasons, still, this was the first time I've ever managed to hold on to inflos after receiving a plant in the mail...so, I was thrilled...


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Your Kona Candy is beautiful!

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Hi Greg,
Your Sally Moragne is a stunner! Got to love those packages from Hawaii! I admire the color of your "Tropical Dream"
You have quite the collection and enjoyed seeing your flicker pictures, I'm on there too and made some comments of your photos.

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Greg, You have one beautiful pic after another. I'm so jealous !!! Thanks for added to the list of "must haves" Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Greg,

All of your trees look great!!!

I also love the Kona Candy!!!

Interesting break on your California Sunset..reminds me of a good ole Georgia Peach!!! Yum!!!

Sally Moragne.. so delicate and beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing these beauties!!


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That Kona Candy is so nice!

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Lucky you! The blossoms are awesome! I wish I had plumeria growing weather outside at my place. I had frost this morning on my lawn in northern Utah.

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Hi Greg, I hope it is alright for me to jump in and share some of mine as well?

Thai Splash- these blooms are taking FOREVER to open. Actually I don't even think the first pic is finished opening. But this is what we have. I am just now letting it stay outside around the clock, so that probably has altered the quality of the flower. It didn't actually 'splash' but John warned me it isn't hot enough here for it to splash. I hoped, maybe later in summer?

Thai Splash


Inca Gold (again)

This is what I have to share for now. :)


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Greg, Love the pics. If there is a kona candy at the PSA sale on saturday I am getting one. Its a good idea to bring your prized plants closer in until a good deterrent is in place. I still say Paintball those oversized lizards. :)

Wendy, Your Thai splash is going to be great when the inflo opens and the IG color is absolutely iridescent. Are you watching the leaves for mites or is that normal coloration for that variety?

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KMS2- thank you for mentioning the discoloration on my IG- I know nothing about mites but will browse this forum for help. The yellowing in the leaves happened unexpectedly, I don't see anything on them... ? I thought perhaps that since they had been growing since March maybe the tree was dropping them, unsure of the lifespan on the leaves. Any tips on mites or other things that may be afflicting my baby?

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Hey there, all:

Forgive my lateness in acknowledging your kind words--thank you! (And, Stuart, yours on Flickr as well.) As I always say, it deepens my enjoyment and satisfaction to be able to share my blooms with all of you!

In the past week, it's gotten quite hot here in South Florida, and I'm watching the color in my blooms get richer before my eyes. When Kona Candy first started blooming, it had a pink-and-white-confection look to it. But as of today, it looks very different! (Both versions are lovely, though, and I can't recommend this awesome tree highly enough!)

After totally losing my first Haleakala inflo to what I'm guessing was thrips, I was psyched to have a newer inflo develop normally and to see the first beautiful flower open yesterday:

I will DEFINITELY post another photo once this inflo gets going!

Wendy, of course I don't mind! My post es su post :-) Your flowers are great! And, to add to what K was saying: I have had lots of problems with insects on my plumeria--it's a constant battle. I am NO expert on this, but, the insects that do damage are very tiny and hard to spot. They suck the plants' juices from the leaves--and inflos--when the plant parts are also very tiny, so often times, by the time you realize you have an infestation, the damage is done.

K and I recently discussed on another post what happened to my first Haleakala inflo. The flowers were shriveled and tiny, and they only "sorta" opened--like your Thai Splash. It was such a shame! But anyway, my theory is that some species of thrips (some of them suck the juice from flower rather than leaf tissue) got to the buds very early in the inflo's development, and by the time I could see that something had gone wrong, it was too late, sadly.

I now spray down my inflos in all stages of development nearly every day with water to which I've added a few drops of Murphy's oil soap. It seems to have helped.

I of course have no idea if that's the problem with your TS, but, it's another possibility. Good luck!


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Andrew Scott

Hi Greg,
I am really loving Kona Candy. I have put it on my list but I wanted to ask you...how hot was it when you took that last pic? What attracted me to this plumeria was the veining but if you had to have extreme heat, I may re think getting it. I live in western NY and even though it can be very humid here, we usually don't experience consistent temps in the 90's. IF that is what it took to get those results, I may just have to pass on Kona even though the flower looked nice without the pronounced veining.

How about the scent?


Andrew Scott

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Hi Andrew!

It has been above 90 every day now for about a week. Before that, we'd been getting a lot (a LOT) of rain and without the afternoon sun temps had been staying lower. Still in the mid to upper 80s, though.

That said, KC has been blooming for like 5 or 6 weeks now, and to my eye at least, the veining is stil there when the pink tones are lighter--it's just somewhat less pronounced. Here's a shot of the same inflo from the second week of May:

So, judge for yourself, but I think you'd be happy with this tree even in upstate New York. (I went to college in Rochester, btw LOL BRRRRRRRR!!! My hat's off to you for raising plumies up there!)

1-stop has several up for bid right now!


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Greg, thank you for the advice!! I sprayed all inflos and leaves today and will continue to do so every morning. Hoping for the best.


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Greg, to answer your earlier question, yes, it seems all the California Sunsets I saw at JJ's had that smudged red on the yellow of the petals.

I second the oohing and aahing over Kona Candy!

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Andrew Scott

Hi Greg,
I actually live in western NY, and yeah your right...BRRR but Rodchester is even worse because of the lake winds. Trust me, if it were up to me, I wouldn't be living here anymore but sadly I am the only one wanting to live in the intense heat of FL. I will say I do not like the rainy season in FL. We went there 4 years ago in June, and it POORED! Was during a "drought" but it still rained like cats and dogs!

I am still thinking of buying Kona but it wont be for a while..probobly after returning from FL in July.

Thanks for the info!


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Look! Thai Splash is opening properly, probably as a result of the wonderful murphy's oil suggestion. Happy me! Not sure she can compete with Kona, wow!, but she's working on it. :o)

Thanks for the advice!

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Things are just going right since I began to spray these guys every morning, this is a noid to me but sure is beautiful! You've got to get close to smell her, but when you do she's delightful.

View from the back

I know I have been posting a lot of pictures, and I hope everyone doesn't mind- I just get so excited and there's not many people to share these with, so thank you for looking and indulging me in these photos. Again, I truly thank K & Greg for taking the time to educate me as such a simple addition has really made a huge difference in a short time.

Thanks all!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Greg,

Beautiful pics... I agree.. Ohhhh AHhhhhhh! : )

Wendy, Great pics as well! COngratulations on the beautiful blooms. K and Greg give great advice!! : )

Take care everyone!!

Hi Jen..Andrew..!!!


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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I personally love looking at all the flower pics because I am just starting out and have 2 cutting with leaves. Hoping someday to have flowers to show.


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TruNorth7(8b (SF Bay Area))

BEAUTIFUL KC Greg! Thanks for sharing! That Haleakala is my favorite :)

Wendy- My Inca Gold has the exact same leaf discoloration on a couple of leaves. I haven't found any bugs, and chalked it up to sun burn and shock. I'd react that way if I were moved from John's cushy green house at JJ's to the hot and dry front of my house... but I will begin spraying, just in case. Are the new leaves yellowing on yours too, or just the older ones?


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I love it when people post pics, too! It's a good resource to have for what you can hope for later, huh?

Mindy - it's so worth the wait. My first plumeria took 2 years before I got flowers. I was consumed with my plant when I first suspected it was developing an inflo. It seemed like it took forever before the first flower opened.

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Hey all,

And as for me, I love seeing all of the enthusiasm on this forum these days for what we all know is the planet's premier flower! There are so many threads that I can't seem to get to them all--it's great to see.

Andrew: you're welcome! Anytime--enjoy Florida when you get down here. The rain has disappeared recently so maybe you'll have sunshine.

Wendy: I'm so glad the suggestion has helped. Your Thai Splash and noID are both gorgeous! (And no worries about the multiple pics...I have been guilty of the same LOL it's just hard not to get excited, I understand completely!)

Jen: thanks for noting my question regarding Cal Sun. I hope YOU had a great trip to Cali yourself--how neat that you got to go to JJ's...although I'm flabbergasted that you left with nothing?!?! LOL!!! How is that possible? ;-) I still need to read the PSA thread to hear about what you, K, and the other Texans bought at the sale!

Laura: you're so sweet as always! And btw, your latest photo of Apricot is stunning!!! OMG so pretty! My list just got longer, I think LOL

Also, welcome to all the newcomers. I have another new photo to share, of Divine. Such a fab plumie! I can't get over the depth of color this year.


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Beautiful photos, thanks for posting them. Wish we could smell them as well.

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Beautiful as always Greg. My divine is summering in FL but will bring it home in Nov. Maybe next year I'll see blooms. I sure hope so. Peg

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WOW, you both have gorgeous blooms on those plants!!! You can never go wrong posting pictures!

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Emily, Peg, Rachel, rcantor (welcome!):

Thanks for your kind comments! I appreciate them.

Peg, once your Divine starts blooming, it won't stop. I had some "extra" Divines that I have given away, one to a friend here in South FL that has better sun exposure than I...and for over a year now, his Divine has not been without flowers. Not kidding at all--the tree is unreal.


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Hello all, wanted to post an update to my Thai Splash which was very troubled, and thanks to you guys it has been blooming non stop for a month now, and it is striking!! And also two newly rooted cuttings that have put out beautiful flowers and some other excitement that I have going on. My Inca Gold is still putting out some incredible flowers and dreamy scent, but the leaves aren't looking a ton better... I've root pruned and re potted recently and am hoping for improvements!

Thai Splash- we've had very hot days, so the color is intense!

Both tips blooming in glory! Some quite old...

Penang Peach, newly rooted cutting:

MPG mystery cutting that rooted and has been such a gift giver:

Fell in love with this beautiful tree at JJ's, and it has an inflo on just about every tip, all close to erupting any day. Pardon the darkness, I took these this evening:

And they look like this up close:

Happy Me!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Beautiful photos Wendy. What is that last tree from JJ's. Wow info on every tip? That's awesome!!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Just beautiful Wendy...

Love the 2nd to the last pics of that huge tree..


Great job, as always!!! : )


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WOW Wendy, That is going to be gorgeous when all those inflos open. Nice !!! Peg

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Thank you everyone, I rush out every morning, in my pajamas no less, to see if it has opened, lol. It still hasn't. BUT SO CLOSE.

No Clue, I don't know what it is nor did JJ. I spotted it against the greenhouse at the top of the hill, the one with the DR's inside... it was such a lovely tree J and I tucked it into my 4 door sedan (moving the babies car seat and all) and home it came.

Peg, it has 8 inflos on it I cannot even imagine what beauty it holds once it opens! I get SO excited when I think about it!

Laura, thank you as always for your sound encouragement!! Since things have heated up around here I am noticing many of my trees with leaves going yellow and I am starting to think I am doing something very wrong. You always make me feel better, although something really is up with those trees. I'll go get a better pic of that tree in the sun to post.


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