help save ash-gray ladybug's from dead peonies!!

elves1111August 18, 2011

so heres the dilemma... Planted some peony flowers this year, which grew for much longer than had anticipated. Anyway, a multitude of pests seemed more interested in them than me. First, aphids- no problem; next, thrips- more of an issue; finally after thrips are dissappering, appeared...spider mites!! so i decided to find me some whiteflies so they wouldn't feel left out! haha! just had to lighten my mood some. we haven't reached my dilemma yet, so stay with me! since the peonies were close to the rest of my garden, peppers,tomatoes,tomatillos..etc.. When started to remove the peonies, to my delight, there are multitudes of ash-gray ladybird(bug) larva and some adults grubbing away on their smorgasbord happily!! Turns out, this species of ladybird even enjoy's powdery mildew as an appetizer! can attest to this, since the little patches of mildew that were there, were almost completely gone!! so now....dUNnnn..dun...dUNNNNN!!!!!!!


How do i collect/salvage/recruit these little monsters to do their dirty work in the rest of my garden, which i can already see some of the pesky uninviteds helping themselves to? I need to remove the old, dried, and dead peonies because they are ugly harbingers of doom now!! I have been tediously coaxing our voracious little soldiers one-at-a-time onto the leaves of their new battlegrounds, but they are stubborn and lazy! Please,, any ideas/advice for me, by me appreciated much will BE, and will be muchly! thanks.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

You remove them.

If they're adults which are walking around, you help them scoot into a small container, cap, then transport to new home.

If they're youngsters you do the same but understand that they are soft bodied, thus more fragile.

If they are in the pupal stage -- stuck to the leaf & not moving -- don't detach; instead move the pupa still attched to a small piece of leaf.

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If there is a source of food and some shelter they will move to the rest of your garden with no help from you. If you do move them and there is no food source they will either die or leave. I would leave them alone and rely on them to move themselves.

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