who has moved things inside and what?

andyandy(6bMI)September 16, 2011

I moved my coconuts and bottle palms in for a couple of nights a week and a half ago because it was pouring rain and barley hitting 60. Then it warmed up againa and they went out again. I moved them back in along with 4 of my filifers seedlings a couple of nights ago and it has fallen into the low-mid 40s. I may be able to move them back out Sunday as we will hit about 73. We have barely hit 60 the last two days. I was wondering who else has moved things in?

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

It was 46 degrees here last night. Im scared for my plants.My plants may be in within a week.

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Still too warm here to move anything in, but today just barely got to 70F, so it was very cold in comparison to what it has been. The plants are doing well though and temperatures will be returning to the mid to upper 70s during the day and 60s at night by next week here. Glad that there is still some more growing season to enjoy here.

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If it drops into the 40's its in the garage for the coconut and the other more topical plants. Back out when the temps at night are above 50. lots of moving until it stays cold. They are in garage the last few days.

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We have had so much rain that my potted agaves started rotting and had to be moved inside. But nothing due to the temps.

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Moved them back out Satuday because it was only falling to 59 Saturday night. 77 by mid week but back into the 40s at night by Thusday.

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Moved in the cacti due to the foot and half of rain that fell in August, some Phalenopsis orchids, and some of the Ficus. Everything else (95%) outside--including the coconut.--Denial just ain't a river in Egypt.

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