Tomato yellowing and wilting-- with PICS-- Should I pull it?

yutopia(6B)August 3, 2012

Not sure how to upload multiple pics to a single post, so please check below for more.

This is a yellow pear tomato. The stem is brown. How risky is this to the other tomatoes?

I plan on pulling it and keeping the green tomatoes in a box in the basement to ripen eventually. I also am using Serenade to treat the surrounding plants, although if this is fusarium I don't think it will prevent the spread.

How can I fight this? Organic gardener here.

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Plant stem. Pretty sure I need to pull this. The wilting at the top of the plant started a few days ago.

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White cherry to left, Amish rose to right. Both doing beautifully with no sign of this.

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A bottom branch. I have been pulling these over the last few weeks as they show up. I planted these three way too close.

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Hello, I am new to this forum but I found your post as I am experiencing something similar with my tomatoes. My garden, I believe, has the disease and I don't think there is going to be a fix for that. However, I also grew a yellow pear plant in a pot that is up by my house (up a hill, about a 100-150 ft away). Anyway, they have just started to fruit and the top leaves of the plant are wilting. I am concerned if this is the start of something more serious, like what you were posting.

Do you have any insight? What became of your plant? Did you figure out what the problem was, and were you able to treat it? Also, did it affect any other plants near the yellow pear?

Any wisdom you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dragon .... start your own post ...

and i bet you will get better answers in the tomato forum ... those peeps are tomato-holics ... taking the growing of such.. to a fine art ...

it was a horrible year for Ts in my MI ... and your looks about 400% better than any of mine.. lol .. and i am not pulling mine out...


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