tropical island in Lake Erie

islandbreezeSeptember 24, 2013

Put in Bay is an island in Lake Erie and part of northern Ohio. There are tons of tropical plantings on the island. Here are some pics from my hotel...

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Queen, Phoenix, agaves

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My dad used to go on a yearly fishing trip there and my sister-in-law is also a regular. Apparently it's a super fun place. That washie is great, I bet they overwinter it based on the number of fronds it has. I'd be interested in finding out how they do it if that's the case.

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I heard that the waters surrounding the island have great fishing due to the deep waters and cliffs that surround the islands in that part of the lake. It really is a very fun place.

I agree, it would be interesting to see how they overwinter all of their tropicals on the island. In the second pic in the background, you can see a very robust and healthy 6 foot trachy with fronds all the way to the ground. I have a feeling that there is a company that comes and plants and removes these plantings every year, based on the size and number of huge Alocasia planted around the island. They aren't public plantings either, all private businesses.

One restaurant has at least a 15 foot long bed of Black Magic elephant ears. Really a sight to see, along with even a Bismarckia.

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