Bud identity?

boshier(7 VA)August 29, 2010

A bunch of these guys appeared on my tomatoes. I'm not sure what they are of if the are damaging the fruit. They are definitely annoying. I think they are leaf footed bugs, both the nymph and adult versions. Can anybody confirm? Are they damaging the fruit? I think they are, there are some mis-shapen and blotchy colors. Thanks in advance.

Image link:

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boshier(7 VA)

I don't know how to post a second picture to show the nymph. There are a lot more of those. They are red and black.

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It looks like a leaf footed bug and they do have red nymphs. They do damage crops so they are a good thing to get rid of--check out the site below

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf footed bug

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boshier(7 VA)

Thanks. I searched around for various controls. I think I'll use a dust buster to vacume them up and then dump them in a pail of soapy water.

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