chicago_palmSeptember 13, 2012

I am moving in December to another home in the same zone. I want to move my in ground palms (two of them are 4 feet tall). Any recommendations? Should I remove them now and place in pots. How about winter storage, since I can't plant until next spring. I have an unheated garage or basement as an option. Thanks!

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Here is a picture of my European Fan Palm and my Windmill Palm. Both are finally established after 3+ years in the ground. Too bad I have to give them a new home.

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Oops! Here is the European Fan Palm.

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Great looking palm! I definitely think it's worth trying to move! Just make sure to get as many of the roots as possible. Dig it up before the cool weather comes and make sure not to plant until the danger of last frost has passed in spring!

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Here's the deal: the palms you have are extremely difficult to move . However, who's to say that the next person who moves in won't just get rid of them anyway? Especially if they need a lot of winter protection which I'm guessing they do up your way. Dig them up and try to save them.

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Thanks for the advice. are Palms similar to other trees whereas the roots extend out to the drip line?

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