Onza Amarillo - too tall?

Nadej(7)May 5, 2011

All of my Onza Amarillos are growing way way too tall. But the length of the stalk is not really in proportion to foliage or root development. I'm worried about them toppling over, plus average root development does not really call for repotting in bigger containers yet.

Should I *gulp* trim them? They don't have any branches other than the main stalk and they are are about 8" tall now.

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Sounds like they're stretching for more light. If possible, give them more light and put a fan on them to simulate the wind / breeze. Just a guess....

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Yes they need more light. Full sun top them when they get more bottom leaves.

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Hmm, I think they get plenty of breeze, considering they are outside during the day.
But I was wondering if it's just this variety - none of my other peppers are doing that. With Onzas, some of them are outside and some are indoors under several fluorescents and pretty close to bulbs, actually. Nothing else around them seem to mind and developing normally. This is my first year growing them and they are definitely not behaving like any other peppers I've grown before.
romy6, what's "full sun top"?

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I dont have the Onza Amarillo, but mine just said Onza from NMSU. I
had two plants, one died already and second one is doing better now.
Its starting to form some little buds. Even though I only planted a few
seeds, I've had problems with both of my plants, definately not like my
other peppers. Here is a picture of my surviver.

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I was just saying maybe topping them off may help them grow outward more than upward.More sturdy.

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In that case, it sounds like it's just the characteristic of that type of pepper. I'd let him do his thing...maybe stake him with a bamboo skewer or chopstick.

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thanks guys! looks like I'm not the only one with the same issue with this pepper.
roper2008 - yes, my plants look exactly like yours. Not toppling over yet, but the same pattern of tall stalk and heavy top "crown" development.

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The onzas I grew last year were really tall too.. I remember thinking that the strain seemed especially strong. The tallest plant ended up 36+" tall. They were a little sparse of fruit though, I wonder if i should have tried to keep them shorter to encourage more outward branches..
Anyways, if you have more than one Onza plant, why not just trim half and see which ones come out best?!
Goodluck -E

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

The onza were small peppers about 1.5 inches long. For some reason
I was thinking they would be as big as anaheim peppers. They were not
the easiest seedling to get going, but once they got some size on them
they did pretty good. I was cleaning up my garden today and I tasted
one red onza pepper, it was a little dried up. Tasted pretty darn good
and spicy. I think I will reconsider growing this again next year.

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