Help! How to use Gnatrol?

ieuphieeAugust 11, 2012

Hi guys!

So, I have a spider plant and lately it's been suffering from an infestation of fungus gnats. I ran across gnatrol, and the whole idea of soil drenching makes me confused.

I know I have to water the plant completely, but wouldn't that cause the plant to be over watered? Is it safer to wait until the soil dries so that I can start the drenching? Or is it whatever?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Gnatrol should be used only when you would ordinarily water. Allow the soil to dry out appropriately just as in your normal routine.

Thorough drenching is a must for ALL plants each time you water. As long as your potting mix is one that is coarse textured and drains well you'll not need to be concerned about over watering. Or fungus gnats, for that matter. Darned pesky things.

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Thanks a bunch! I guess I'll wait until the soil dries completely and then start the gnatrol :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have an old fashioned dish pan ...

into which fits most of my pots ...

i would make one gal of your stuff.. and float the pot in there.. until it is COMPLETELY drenched .. outside of course ...

and then i would hang it .. outdoors.. until it all drains out.. all in the shade mind you

and then i would not water it again.. until thanksgiving.. lol ... these plants can take it real dry ...

and the fact that you have gnats.. in a plant that tends to favor dry media.. tells me.. you are a watering fiend.. and need to let your plants NEARLY dry .. in between waterings.. that is the whole reason for you gnats ...

once your pot is completely sodden.. be amazed at its inherent weight ... and dont water it again .. until it is 1/2 to 1/4 its weight ... [actually.. weigh it before drench.. and compare ...]

welcome to GW.. and good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: very expensive drenching apparatus

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Making up a gallon of gnatrol solution would be quite a waste of product. But you actually have a good plan about soaking the plant to make sure that the soil volume is totally saturated....then let it drain for about an hour. Then you can water with the Gnatrol solution and use quite a bit less than you ordinarily would have to.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

but you told her to do ALL OF HER POTS ... i guess i was assuming there was more than this single plant ...

and i would go thru all my various indoor pots ... using up the volume..

but you are correct if she has just one pot ...

all that said.. i am wondering about the useful life of her potting media ...

in june.. i simply cut off two spiders.. and potted them into 2 1/4 inch pots ...and in a month or two.. i will decide.. whether momma is past prime .. and to be thrown out.. and new soil and new babes to take her place ...

these types of hardcore indoor plants.. simply do not preform to specs forever .. especially with forced air heating ... and should simply be recycled .. IMHO ...

soooo ... when is the last time you repotted this monster???

killing all the gnats.. MIGHT NOT solve what the really issue is.. and i am suggesting that that is a failing potting media ... [especially if the gnats are in other pots.. inside the house]


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Does anyone have any guidance as to what proportion of Gnatrol to water one is to use? Thanks!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There will be directions on the container. There's a liquid formulation as well as water dispersable granules. Which do you have? And how will you be using it? Per gallon or per 100 gallons?

Everyone who struggles with this pest on a regular basis needs to remember that unless the REAL issues are solved, you'll always have the battle. I'd investigate changing your potting medium to one that is very porous and drains rapidly. Just letting the medium dry out is not usually the answer. Especially if you're growing plants that prefer to be grown in consistently damp soils.

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