Monarchs galore!

GreatPlains1(7OK)October 1, 2013

Wow! I saw only three yesterday but today there's about 9 of them on my Lantanas and Liatris. A neighborhood cat was out there batting at them, trying to catch one and I ran him off. I've never seen that before. I have 3 Butterfly Bushes but the butterflies have almost completely ignored them in favor of the Lantanas. Up the street there's some gorgeous Agastache cana and I must have seen 15 or more monarchs on just three large plants. Spring was dismal but fall has been a bumper year for Monarchs, various Swallowtails, Sulfurs, Fritillari, Hummingbird Moths, skippers and some I have no idea what they are.

Next year I am buying Agastache cana!

Is anyone else suddenly seeing lots of monarchs?

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I am, too. I watered the planters this morning and they came right around. Was awesome!!

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

They are gathering in preparation for the next cold front when they will catch the north winds and fly south as far as the winds will take them. Seeing quite a few here in NE Oklahoma.

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I saw literally hundreds while mowing bottomland last week. There is some type of yellow flowering plant they were all around over about 3 acres. I mowed most of it but left some for them.

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I am almost positive I saw a spicebush swallowtail the other day. It could have possibly been a pipevine swallowtail, but whatever it was it was a beauty. I'm growing pipevine, but so fair it is not drawing them in.

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That does it. Next year I am for sure planting Agastache. That house down the street with the three large A. cana had about 15 or more monarchs yesterday. This is no exaggeration....... today there were easily 60 if not more, there was too many to count and it could have been a lot more. I walked up and got swarmed by about 20 of them circling around me. Then I noticed there were three more Agastache planted across the lawn and these had just as many. Unbelievable. The Lantana's planted a few feet away didn't have a single monarch.

These Agastche are really big, I may have to take something out just to fit two or three in.

So, I now deduce that monarchs will nectar on Lantanas over Butterfly Bushes but they prefer Agastache over both. I have never seen so many in the city. I need to take the camera.

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That's amazing!

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They are migrating south, This is the best time of year to find them. They were fluttering around my chaste tree today too.

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