building hoophouse/greenhouse-spring 2012

t-bob(west wa)May 13, 2013

Hi folks, i was asked the other night at a party my step by step way I built my hoop/green house and so i uploaded the film from last year as i built it....not the whole process, but enough to see how to build the skeleton at least. For the covering i used a product that is double layer of visqueen with nylon string criss crossed in between the layers, I got it at a lumber yard and is used in building construction for what i am not sure. It is strong stuff and does not easily rip like just plain visqueen will. The thing that will take this from being a floppys moppsy structure to a rigid grow house are the two down guy boards that are added, and of course the T-post make it strong for the first 4+ feet. This is 12 x 20 feet and 7 feet or so tall. If i did it again, i would make it with a hoop every 5 feet. The other thing is where I live we only get snow every year or so, if you are in a snow area, you might want to add even more hoops or a larger diameter.....I used only 1/2" pipe because that is what i had on hand. If anyone has any questions then feel free to contact me. It sure is nice to have a steady structure i can stand up in, wind doesn't take it down, and I can have me a chair in there for nasty days. OK, enjoy and i hope you like---Texas Bob

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Thanks for posting this T-B.

Lots of good info.


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t-bob(west wa)

OK, here is the deal----the double visqueen with line in between
the layers IS NOT the stuff to use. Last year
my peps did not get bushy, but I thought I should give it
another year to see. This year, once again my peps seem
Leggy to me...this winter I am going to rebuild and use
actual Greenhouse plastic that has UV protection. Four
year guaranteed....$100 for a 20 x 20 piece, but she says
most last 6 or more years.

Wow, looking up this old post I saw my Greenhouse movie, It made me think how things certainly change. The garden has definitely grown this year, and this winter/spring it will be getting even better with that wonderful pile of dark top soil to build more and more beds. cha ching. Here is what it looks like today-----peace to all and have fun HARVESTING--Bob

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