Seriously this wait is killing me

pollace(3a)May 20, 2011

Ever notice how waiting for the first pods to ripen up seem to take FOREVER? Almost everything I'm growing this year I've never even tried before. I'm so eager to test these guys out. This is what I have growing in the office:


White Habanero

Thai (which is now approaching the 4 ft. tall mark in an 8" pot)

Royal Black

Red Manzano

Lemon Drop

7 Pot

Bhut Jolokia

And one unknown, C. Annuum with conical peppers, like 4-5" long and 1.5-2" wide at the shoulder.

Two other projects are watermelon and dragonfruit.

So let me just say the Manzano is the craziest pepper I ever did grow. It's a total rockstar, it has leaves bigger than my hand and the plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's so unique as well with the fur and the purple flowers.

Lemon Drop was soooo slow after it came up it didn't grow for probably a month and a half then all of the sudden it got a growth spurt and is catching up to all the rest.

Royal Black is a beautiful plant, it had full sets of branches when it was only 6" tall. Really nice with the purple flowers and upright peppers.

The white hab is setting pods left and right now, I'm impressed with it's output compared to my orange hab that I grew a few years ago.

The anaheim is the only pepper I have had the pleasure of eating so far. It was delicious, with that low undertone of heat.

Of the superhots, the Bhut still hasn't set a pod yet but after the last failure I had with them, this year is looking much more promising. The 7 has one pod started and I can't wait to try it.

This is a 100% indoor, soil based, natural light grow. We are fortunate enough to have a massive glass roof section running the length of our building. All seeds were germinated near the end of december (seems kind of slow actually).

Hopefully they don't keep me waiting much longer!

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You are so lucky to have such a setup! In fact that may be a new goal in my dream home.

You should post some pictures, I would love to see the Manzano.

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you are lucky to have plants that are flowering! i have one plant that has 1 pepper and 1 flower. all the others are too small to even think about flowering! hopefully we can keep up the low 70's and sunny so maybe they will grow some!

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