Is all this damage just from hookworms?

CarlyJoAugust 12, 2013

Hi all! I'm a newbie gardener with a small garden in my Southern California apartment's tiny backyard. I've always wanted a vegetable garden, and finally had the place to start one. I think they're doing surprisingly well considering it's my first time, but a couple plants definitely are having some issues. I have found what I'm pretty sure are hookworms (see picture) on each type of vegetable I'm growing: tomatoes, green bell peppers, squash, and corn. I check each plant daily and remove any of the worms I see. None of the worms have been very big, and I feel like there's still a lot of damage being done. I just started noticing a few bell pepper leaves have patches of white with black spots on their underneath sides, which I thought could be eggs of some sort but I can't find anything online they compare to. Also, a few of the tomato leaves closer to the ground have these brown spots. Does not appear to be affecting the fruit but it's making me nervous. The rest of the damage I think is from hookworms... Holes through the leaves, etc. So I sprayed them with the properly mixed soap water. How often am I supposed to do that?
I know this is a bunch of questions in one, but if you have any ideas for any of them I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks guys!!

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Hookworms are parasites that live in the intestines. Your tomatoes exhibit signs of damage that indicate you had hornworms and they can devour a tomato in a very short time since they are an eating machine. Insecticidal Soaps are not at all effective in controlling the Tomato Hornworm although Bacillus thuringiensis - Kurstaki, BtK, can be effective if used early enough in the life of these moth larva.
The spots are caused by one, or another, of any of several insects that pierce a leaf and suck some of the sap. For Insecticidal Soap to be effective in controlling them you need to be there when they are and directly spray them.

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