Dypsis Teddy Bear Palm

garyirynaSeptember 28, 2010

Anyone growing these? To me they look wind swept . Leaves growing in all directions like a windmill! Is that right? Some say these are beautiful palms, what do you think ?

Are these palms good in drought? Or near coast?

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Unfortunately there are several species of Dypsis commonly called Teddy Bear Palms... the one we grow here in California is Dypsis leptocheilos, but sometimes Dypsis lastelliana is referred to as a Teddy Bear Palm as well. Neither are the least bit drought tolerant and both look icky near the coast (unless the coast is extremely tropical). They are of course, grown well, beautiful palms... but then nearly all palms are beautiful palms so that really isn't a very meaningful description. I would not describe either of these as having windmill-like leaves that grow in all directions, though. They are more known for their fuzzy reddish brown crownshafts and startling, white, ringed trunks. Dypsis lastelliana has very upright leaves (shuttle-cock-like) while leptocheilos's are more droopy and delicate-looking.

Dypsis leptocheilos in California (one of the better looking examples)

Palm in Singapore (Dypsis leptocheilos)

Dypsis lastellianas in Hawaii below (no photos of good looking ones in California since there are few, if any, good looking ones in California... too marginal here).

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