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redmaple_7b(7b)June 11, 2012

Hi everybody my names Trevor and I'm new to the forum here. I have a handful of plumerias, and would like to grow a few more from seed, I grew some unknowns from seed and their just getting ready to bloom 3 years old. I'm ready to try some more, any recommended varieties. And I know they don't grow true to the parent but that's half the fun. And I recently moved to Salt lake city so any tricks for growing in a cooler climate would be great.



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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey Trevor welcome!

You are right seedlings are a crap shoot really so my suggestion would be to buy seeds from a highly multiple colored variety. That will almost guarantee that your seedlings will have some uniqueness to them. That is if thats what you are after. Brads Buds and Blooms, and Maui plumeria Gardens both are reputable places who sell seeds. Obviously they dont guarantee color but they wont screw you over either.


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The Moragne hybrids were crosses between Scott Pratt and Daily Wilcox. Penang Peach has produced good offspring. There are lots of other examples... but as Mike said I think you are good to just buy seeds from a good solid pod parent. The pollen parent will typically not be known.

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I've found Mardi Gras, Veracruz Rose and JL Tornado made consistently good offspring. I would definitely try Penang Peach, too, if you can find the seeds. It has parented some extraordinary cultivars like J105 and Elsie.

Pink Pansy has also produced beautiful offspring, but buying any from a reputable seller that has a wide variety of trees increases your chance of some nice cross-pollination. Brad's, MPG and Florida Colors (I think they sell seeds, too; call for info) are all excellent sources.

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