Grasshopper Infestation!

melaroma(6)August 10, 2011

My garden in the front yard which is half shade is looking great as well as my full sun bed in that area. However, I have a field behind my back yard and for the past three summers we have had an infestation of grasshoppers so bad that my plants in the back are really struggling.

My Butterfly bush was beautiful the first year that we lived here and the year after that the grasshoppers invaded and it has not flowered since. The leaves start with holes in them and then they just disappear and only the veins of the leaves are left behind.

Now they are attacking my other perennials and some of our veggies and crops. I have almost resigned myself to only gardening in the front yard except that I don't wan't to grow my veggies in the front yard.

I am all for natural solutions and have tried using water with soap which has worked on earwigs in the past but doesn't seem to work on the hoppers. I have finally had enough of these guys this year to make me consider using a non organic solutions. I would like to apply something that will effectively kill them or atleast control them but not harm my bee friends or my lady bugs. Is there such a thing?

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Baits containing "Nosema locustae" are available that can help.

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