Mid/end September Pictures.

prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)September 23, 2013

Here's how my palms are coming along.

So far the washy had put out 13 fronds but had to cut 5 that had died.

Here's the Trachy, its grown 6 new fronds but my dog chewed up the lower older fronds :-(

Here's the big boy "Pindo". Surprisingly its pushed out 5 New Fronds.

Here's my Elephant ears. There first season in the ground

Lastly my little filibusta's.

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Awesome palms! I have a pindo around the same size in a pot. Yours looks great!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Thank you jcara7. Post pictures of your pindo if u don't mind.

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