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spiroanJune 26, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of trying Foliage Pro as a fertilizer, at least for some of my plants. Currently, I use a bloom booster type of fertilizer. I mix it at half strength and feed every week when I water. It looks like Foliage Pro allows me the same opportunity. However, I was wondering if I should foliar feed as well, or just feed when I water. Thoughts? Would it be worth it to foliar feed as well? Would foliar feeding, in addition to feeding when watering, burn the plants?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Next to what type of soil to use fertilizer use has be the next highly debated. So Ill avoid the technical data and personal persuasion that can come with promoting one thing over the other. I will say that I have been using FP for about 2 years now on everything and have seen no reason to change. I dont purposely foliar feed so I cant comment on the effects of it. It is a bit expensive but lasts a long time.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I use Foliage Pro whenever I think my trees need a little extra food (I use Dynamite slow release fertilizer in my potting mix).
I used to use foliar sprays but have stopped but I'm still considering trying Epsom salts as a foliar spray. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Epsom salts as a foliar spray

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I did an unofficial poll not too long ago and the majority of the responses I got seemed to say they couldn't determine any significant differences when foliar feeding in addition to soil feeding.

Many people said they like to do it but couldn't tell if it did anything or not.

For me, I'm not real keen on the extra time and money if I'm not positively going to see results so I haven't gone that route yet. I do love Foliage Pro and I don't have the need for any other fertilizer because my plants seem to love it just being watered in.

I did buy some liquid fish / seaweed recently but that's just an 'if I want to' kind of thing, it is not in my set routine care. Keep in mind if foliar feeding you will also probalby need to use something to make it stick to the leaves better like Coco Wet or another bottle to buy and mix...

So really, it's up to your preference but I do not see any harm in it, but I also have not been exposed to enough people saying it REALLY helped to do the extra work. Just my 2 cents!

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Use it if you have already bought it. I think conventional wisdom says the most efficient method is nutrients absorbed by roots than via leaves.

Here is a slight twist... lightly use spray n grow on newly rooted or "I think its rooted" plants to give them some much needed food without much risk of burning those baby roots.

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

For those of you who use Foliage Pro, how often do you use it and at what rate?


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In nature, how many nutrients does a plant take from its leaves versus roots? Not much I'm thinking...

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Here's a short article about foliar feeding. Interesting read.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foliar feeding effective?

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Thanks for the responses everyone! Very interesting articles Del and Robert.

KMS, I do have a couple of rooting cuttings that now have 5 or 6 leaves layed down. So, I may foliar spray them. Thanks for that thought.

Emily, thanks for your thoughts also. This can be an expensive hobby, and I definitely like the idea of cutting out unnecessary costs.

I will probably just continue to root feed, except for the rooting cuttings.

Thanks again.

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I`ve been using foliage pro but am not overly impressed with it. I can`t tell any difference between the plants that receive it and the ones that don`t. I bought both "parts", thinking it might help keep plants from wilting so much in the summer, particularly the bonsai. After almost a year I don`t see any reason to purchase more.

I use fish emulsion and Microlife products for the most part. I also pile compost around my plants, even the ones in pots, and mulch heavily. We are under water restrictions. My compost is rabbit poop, chicken poop, the mulch in the chicken coop/run and the biodegradable litter from the rabbit mixed with food scraps and worm casings. I like organics, lots of toads in the yard. I actually do foliar feeding but that`s only because I am just putting my fertilizer in a hose attached applicator and spraying everything. The brugs really like having their leaves sprayed. I avoid it in mid-summer however because of our watering restrictions, the leaves burn easier.
Tally Ho!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

i love Foliage Pro..

Works great and is very user friendly..


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I'm going to look into Microlife as it sounds interesting. There is another product called Turf & Garden Pro and it comes w/wo iron. I've used the non-iron version after we had the hurricanes and other damaging weather when everything really got battered, also during really stressful heat. Stuff acts like one big super vitamin shot. www.Turf&

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Spiroan, I would do it but not until this heat wave breaks up a bit first. Hopefully I will get some storms on Sunday.

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