Spray-n-Grow alternative

iowajojoJune 28, 2010

I am out of my Spray-n-grow but I am also out of a job, Soooo what would be the best, CHEAPEST fertilizer to use the rest of the summer? I know not to use Miracle grow.

Thanks for any suggestions! :)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

spray n grow is not a fertilizer unless it is mixed with their product "bill's perfect fertilizer." If you use a granular or not a soluable you only need to give one dose per plant and that will last the summer. Go to a nursery and look for a granular bloom or a 20-20-20 that has a dose of every six weeks or more. Do not get a soluable like MG. actually, your plants will probably do ok with nothing at this time.

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I've been using Alaskan Bloom More 0-10-10 liquid, runs about $15 a bottle. I do a foliar and root drench every two weeks. To make it last longer a foliar spray only would be fine. My Plumies have responded nicely this year to an all organic program. Fish emultion 3-2-1 for the wake up and spring,(weekly) then the Bloom More 0-10-10 beginning mid May and continuing throughout the summer (every other week).Lush deep green leaves and beautiful blooms! Still learning though.....always learning ~

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Thanks! I actually meant Spray-n-grow and the fertilizer (sorry). Again, (3rd year) I have no inflos showing yet. I still might get some, but then I guess it will be flowering in winter! Maybe I am just kidding myself about growing Plumeria this far north. The plants look great, but just no inflos.

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